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What Would You Invent?

Take a look around your home or office at all of the things sitting around. Each and every one of those objects were invented by someone – somewhere – at some point in time. All of them started with just an idea, which may have seemed crazy or even impossible at the time. It’s astounding when you stop to think of all of the advances in products that we use every day and take for granted. Think back (or research it) to fifty short years ago. People back then would have died laughing had you told them that one day they would use a wireless device to make calls anywhere. Had you said the word “Internet” to them, they’d have though you had sprouted horns.

What would you invent if it were possible? Imagine if you will the ability to create anything your mind can come up with. Would you want to create a way to travel through time? Would you be the first person to “drive” a flying car similar to what George Jetson drove? Let’s hear what you can dream up. Have a great weekend, everyone!

It doesn’t take an inventor or a rocket scientist to know what the best software and apps there are available.

Travel Back in Time

Earlier tonight, I saw people in our chat room talking about time travel. They were laughing about the places they’d like to go back to, things they might want to change in their life. Some of them wanted to meet a famous person who has long since passed on, and others wanted to simply have a “do-over” for a wrong they had committed.

This got me to thinking – would I want to travel back in time? The answer to that is no, really. Sure, there are historical figures I wouldn’t have minded knowing in person. Wouldn’t it be cool to shake Abe Lincoln’s hand? Or maybe you’d rather hug Amelia Earnhardt. I wouldn’t mind doing some of those things, I suppose. But I definitely wouldn’t want to go back and redo anything in my own life.

If I were to do that, then I wouldn’t be exactly who I am now, nor in the place I am with my life. Sure, there have been some rough patches recently. But all in all, I’m very happy with who I am, and what I’m doing on a daily basis. Going back and changing even one thing in my past would change everything that comes after. I don’t want that!

Would YOU want to go back in time within your own life, and redo things? Why or why not – I’d love to hear your answers.

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