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Sync Your Information With Agendus for the iPad

Keeping track of your Calendar, Contacts and Task List can be a nightmare. Too often, there is entirely too much information to plow through and keep up with. The new Agendus app brings it all under control right on your iPad.

All of your Contracts are automagically populated in the app. It accesses the native contacts database and then enhances the built-in iPhone Contacts app. You can even add contacts to certain events within the app to make it easy for you to know at a glance who will be attending what.

Along with this you will find a very full-featured task management solution. This allows you get things done quickly when you’re on the go. There are advanced features built in to the task function, including the ability to set icons for tasks and events, view upcoming birthdays, retrieve your weather forecast and more.

Agendus also has full calendar support. It makes use of over-the-air synchronization with your Google Calendar. Forget having to minimize one thing and open another just to figure out what day it is and where you’re supposed to be. Agendus does it all for you.

Eat, Sleep, Compute!

If you watch me on the live stream when I’m at home in Seattle, you know I spend a good bit of time online. Turns out I’m not alone. According to a recent NielsenWire report, Americans spend about 25% of their time doing something online.

Whether it’s visiting Facebook, playing online games, doing email, chatting, or watching videos, Americans are online more than ever. In rank order, the survey found that people spend more time on social networks, like the Geeks community, than anywhere else.

So that made me wonder about our community. Where do you spend the bulk of your online time? Are you a real geek like me? Are you online for more than 8 hours a day? Let me know in the comments.

What Does Your Geek Pie Chart Look Like?

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Since the cake is a lie, we must now turn our attention to the pie! I’m talking about a Geeky pie chart, of course. I created one using the information about activities I’m already involved in online. It shows me how much time I am spending on one site, as opposed to others. Apparently, I’m pretty well-balanced! I do tend to spend more time on one site, as that is where a large majority of my content is pushed through.

Geek Chart is a service that lets you show where you share. A Geek Chart is a web badge that shows where you share stuff online. Each slice of the Geek Chart is a link to your profile on sites like Flickr, Twitter, Youtube and more. Of course, you may not use some of the sites listed – and that’s perfectly ok! You don’t have to be involved everywhere. This chart will just help you see (and share!!) which of your sites you spend the most time on. It’s a great way for you to see where you maybe should be spending MORE time, as well!

This is really simple to do. Sign up for free, and then give them your usernames to the sites that you use. They don’t need your passwords, so don’t worry about that! The service will then track how much information of yours is put on out those sites, and assemble it into a pie chart you can use to track yourself.

It’s completely Geeky and cool. The Geek Chart isn’t just a breakdown of your time – it’s also a breakdown of your content! Content. Is. Key.

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Do You Spend too Much Time on the Internet?

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That horrible sound I make at the beginning of this video represents time being sucked out of our day by spending too much time on the Internet. If you’re trying to manage your time, you should consider trying this service that I found.

KeepMeOut is designed to help you manage the time that you spend on any given website(s) you choose. Enter a web address of a site that is a time-sucker for you, such as Facebook, Twitter or even Geeks. Bookmark the KeepMeOut alias that is created, and only navigate to that site(s) by using the new bookmark. KeepMeOut will warn you if you have visited the site more than once in the time period you specified (such as 60 minutes, etc).

Why would I do this? Well, if I know that I am addicted to a site that is sucking up too much of my time, I can use KeepMeOut to keep me in check. I can walk away and do something else. Wicket, for instance, has a serious addiction to his Facebook account. I’ve had to install KeepMeOut just to get time on my own computer!

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You Need Things to do Things

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No matter what it is you need to do, you need to keep track of what you’re doing. Everyone has a different system. My Inbox is usually my task list. I know what I have to do, because it’s right there in my Inbox. It may not be a perfect system, but it works for me. I go through my Inbox several times a day, whittling down my list until I end up with only a small number of items left. I may go to bed at night with ten or so things left in there, but I’m usually waiting to give them a proper answer to a question.

Tracking your tasks can be as time consuming as completing them is. What do you use to keep track of yourself? I’ve tried many different programs, but I think I may have finally found the perfect answer – outside of my Inbox. Things is available right now for OS X. I haven’t found a Windows equivalent yet, so if you have – let me know about it!

A magical tag bar automatically appears when needed and adapts to the currently displayed list. It lets you drill down through even the longest list of to-dos. Whether it’s multiple tags, dates, or notes, to-do items display their information on an as needed basis. No more space wasted by empty or irrelevant column cells.

This is being heralded as “THE” task-management system. You can use iCal, but it’s just not as efficient. If you’re looking for desktop task-tracking on your Mac, you definitely have to use Things. It’s just the ultimate program. If there’s enough interest, I may be able to get them to give us a coupon! Be sure to leave a comment on this post letting me know of your interest.

There’s no end to the things you can do with Things: Things helps you organize life and work according to your responsibilities. You can track progress of your coworkers and teammates. Avoid project overload by setting less pressing ones to inactive. Every list can easily be filtered and sorted by due date. Include notes and links to files, web sites or email messages.

You can see how much this can help you get things done. It helps you stay more organized without having to think about where to put things!

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How Do You Track Your Computer Activities?

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One of the most frequent questions asked in my community is ‘what do you do?!’. When they stop by to see the live video feed, they see me doing various and sundry things in my office. I do many different things. I couldn’t tell you how much time I spend on any one application, without assistance. Pixie used to tell me when I was spending too much time on something, but I got on her about it. She’s much better now about keeping quiet. But there are times when I may want to see how much time I’ve devoted to something in particular, and that’s where Slife comes in handy.

Slife is a time and activity analytics application for both Mac and Windows that automatically keeps track of where you spend your time on your computer. Slife observes as you interact with applications, documents, email and web sites and then displays detailed statistics of your computer usage in a set of intuitive and easy to use visualizations.

With Slife, you can finally understand where you are spending your time and energy, and focus on what really matters.

Slife tracks your usage of applications, documents and web pages automatically. Simply launch an application, open a document or start browsing the web and Slife will take care of the rest. Time flies. With Slife, you can now find out where it all went.


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ADD and OCD Help GTD

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You may be sitting there asking yourself “How does someone with mild OCD and ADD ever GTD?”. A person in the chat room asked recently asked how I am able to manage my time, and what time management tips I might have for someone who has way too much going on at once.

How do I do it? I honestly don’t know. It’s always just been “in” me. That’s the OCD part of me. I can’t stand not to get things done, so that brings in the GTD part. Then of course, my ADD kicks in and my brain goes flying off in another direction. GTD is Getting Things Done, for those who may not know. Personally, I think I got lucky. I keep everything organized. If I didn’t, I would go nuts. That’s part of my OCD. It literally makes me crazy not to be organized. But, by being this organized, it makes it much easier for me to stay focused and get things done… beating out my ADD at times.

The way I get things done is my Inbox. If I have a task to take care of, it’s in my Inbox. That’s how I stay organized honestly. Since my world is electronic, it’s in there. If I REALLY need to get things done, this is what I do: I make a Post-It note. They drive me nuts. I HATE them. So… I make one for something that’s really important. That galvanizes me into getting it done, just so I can get rid of that damn Post-It. I annoy myself, in order to get things done. It may sound crazy, but it works. You have to do what will work for you.

By having everything I need to take care of in my Inbox, I can deal with them one-by-one. I deal with one, respond to it… delete it… or save it in a separate folder… and move on to the next one. So, my Inbox is “it” for me. What’s it for you? How do you roll? What makes things flow for you? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks, so I can pass them on to others.


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