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This is the Mother of all Ties

Technology geeks don’t normally like to dress up. When I have to, I tend to wear jeans with a t-shirt and jacket. If I must wear a tie for some crazy reason, I wear the geekiest one I can possibly find. I can’t help it. Wearing boring dress clothes is just not who I am, and I’m willing to bet most of you out there are nodding in agreement right now. This is why I was so stoked to come across the new Motherboard Tie!

I would wear this tie while eating green eggs and ham. I would wear this tie while hopping on one foot and waving my arms around in the air. I would wear this tie when standing on a stage. I would wear this tie to bed and let it give me cool-geek-tie dreams.

You get the point. The only question left to answer is: Which shirt should I wear?

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How to Tie a Tie Knot

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Enjoy seeing me in a tie… I don’t do it very often. I was attending a conference in Washington DC when I recorded this video, and thought I would share with you all the proper way to tie a tie.

First you need to make sure that you flip your shirt collar up, so the tie will go underneath it as it should. Make sure the thicker part of the tie hangs a bit lower than the thinner part. Cross the thick part over top of the thinner part, and pinch them together. Bring the thicker part around the back, making a loop. Bring that end up between the collar and that loop. Grab the bottom of the thick part of the tie, and push it down through the gap that was made in between those pieces.

As you can see, the thinner part of the tie is hanging down too low. You can either tuck it into your shirt so no one notices it (it also keeps it in place). Or, you can re-tie it again.

Don’t forget to put your collar back down when you’re finished, for a polished look.


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