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The Geeks: An Oliver Stone Film

The Geeks: An Oliver Stone Film

Perhaps by fate, an unknown actor by the name of Chris Pirillo was today selected by director Oliver Stone to play the role of Chris Pirillo, the deeply troubled, famed technology connoisseur.

Stone’s choice of Pirillo for Pirillo was largely due to Pirillo’s utter lack of experience in film. Certainly, Pirillo has watched a few flicks in his day, but we believe this is nothing more than a marketing tactic done to scare more movie money out of the pockets of honest people.

No stranger to controversy, Stone believes that only Pirillo could match Pirillo’s disturbed wit for this motion picture. Principal photography for “The Geeks” is set to begin before month’s end, with Tarquin Fim-bim Lim-bim Whim-bim Bus Stop Ftang-ftang Ole Biscuit Barrel allegedly taking on the envied position of head gaffer.

Pirillo has studied Pirillo, and knows him intimately – from the way he would ignore his chat room throughout the day, to the way he would often scream obscenities when nearby PCs would decide to randomly connect and disconnect USB devices. Pirillo lead geeks the world over to live a life of digital hermitage, having ultimately driven himself to the great kernel panic in the sky after attempting a record-breaking five minute fart.

This will undoubtedly be Oliver Stone’s most controversial film yet.

The grave of Pirillo remains undisclosed, but the live video camera pointed inside has given humanity a glimpse of decomposition… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… at dead.pirillo.com.