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What's the One Movie You Wanted to See, but Didn't?

No matter what the reason, there’s always that one movie we wish we would have watched, but just haven’t. I know for me, there are several that fall into this category. I keep promising myself I’ll get around to watching them, but never do. I asked several of my friends what movie they missed out on.

On The Waterfront. I’ve read about it a thousand times but it just looks so boring that I can’t hit the play button. I had the same feeling about Citizen Kane and that turned out to be a very incorrect intuition. But I’m still being influenced by the historically ridiculous inner voice. – Andrew Burd

The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema by Slavoj Zizek – Hayk Hakobyan

I’ve always wanted to see Pulp Fiction but I don’t have any time to go to my local movie store and pick it up. – Richie Keith

Apocalypto – Going to add it to my Netflix queue now 🙂 – Mattb4rd

Probably Krzysztof Kieslowski’s trilogy. ‘Blue’, ‘White’, and ‘Red’ – Rodfather

Richie…GO get Pulp Fiction…I love it…cool flick – Susan Beebe

Susan, I’ll try and do my best on getting it 🙂 – Richie Keith

Gah, this list would be a hundred titles long. I’m deficient on movies released before 1970 for some reason and many of those movies I want to see only because they’re movies I’m supposed to have seen like Gone With the Wind. So, I dunno. Battleship Potemkin? – Akiva Moskovitz

Don’t have any actually. Put this on my New Year’s Resolution list two years ago and finally watched ‘Giant’ @Andrew: On The Waterfront is fantastic. – AJ Kohn

2001: A Space Oddyssy – I even downloaded it like a year ago and it’s sitting on my hard drive unwatched. I think I even have the sequel although I don’t know if it’s any good – Nick Austad via twhirl

Red is one of my favorite movies of all time. – edythe

a blue whale… i can’t wait – Zee at WeDoCreative

Citizen Kane… What if I don’t think it is as great as everyone says – John Worthington

Apocalypse Now – Jon Price

Nick, the sequel’s a completely different kind of movie but fun in it’s own right. John, Citizen Kane’s still a good movie but it’s best enjoyed in critically and in its cinematic context. Jon, one of my favorite movies but I have to be in a specific mood to watch it. Make sure you get the theatrical version and not the longer Redux cut which I think just makes longer without adding enough to make it worth it except for people who are already Apocalypse Now fans. – Akiva Moskovitz

practically every decent movie that’s come out since my second kid was born – nathan

man, you know – i’m not reading stuff properly today. I read another friendfeed message wrong & i did the same here. I read that as "what ANIMAL you’ve always wanted to see, but haven’t – for whatever reason?" . I’m guessing none of you have heard of a movie called ‘a blue whale’ huh? – Zee at WeDoCreative

There are a lot of movies I could list. For some odd reason Das Boot is the first one that comes to mind. As far as the reason, I just never remember to rent it when I am out, or check for it on the DVR. – Aden

2001: A Space Odyssey – Ethan

Mummy 3 – reason: I heard it is the suxors. – Todd Jordan

Spiderman 3.. I just wasn’t able to find time and company during that time to watch the movie. – Winston Teo

The Matrix. – Larry Huffman

Andrew – On The Waterfront = great movie…to fall asleep to. I wanted to like it but it was so damn boring. – Corie Allison

A better question is what movie did you see that you wish you hadn’t! – Todd Loren Sinclair

The Bridge Over the River Kwai With movies like this one I always have that fear that they won’t hold up to expectations. – Joe Pierce

Todd, the Matrix and the Doors come to mind immediately. – Akiva Moskovitz

Mirrormask…and sadly, I own it and just haven’t found the time to pop the thing in and finally watch it. – Bryan Irrera

Todd…Forrest Gump would be pretty high on my erase from my mind list. – Bryan Irrera

Pan’s Labyrinth – Jack Carlson

Todd, Titanic, and The Village spring to mind immediately as painful parts of my life that I’ll never recover. Jack, have you seen "The Devil’s Backbone?" "Pan’s" is goo, but I liked "Backbone" a lot better. Also definitely worth checking out if you like those movies is "The Orphanage." – Joe Pierce

Boiler Room. Just haven’t gotten around to it. – Chris Brogan

Joe, from Netflix I’ve had the Orphanage sitting on my shelf for weeks now but I just haven’t been in the right ‘mood’ for it. Netflix should have an option for you to put how many times a movie was viewed once it was rented. It’d give an interesting metric for not only usage but for user enjoyment as well. – Akiva Moskovitz

Uhm…this may sound funny, but the Dark Knight? – Gordon Swaby

The Breakfast Club. – James Ferguson

Rodfather – I love that trilogy. Red being my most favorite. . – Yolanda

So what movie have you always wanted to see, but didn’t? And… why haven’t you?

What was the First / Last Movie you saw in a Theater?

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What was the first movie you ever saw in a movie theater? For me, I remember watching The Rescuers at a drive-in when I was a kid. I’ve been going to movie theaters all my life, even still today. Even though I have excellent home equipment to watch from the comfort of my couch, there’s still a place for the movie theater. There needs to be some changes, yes. And the cost? Don’t get me started there.

I talked to my chat room, and asked them what their thoughts are as to what movie theaters need to be like for the future. Here is what they came up with:

  • Free food! We know that’s how they make their money, but maybe they can come up with other ways to make money. I mean seriously. Bring on the popcorn dripping butter! Why not trying free popcorn or soda night?
  • Discount licensing. Imagine if you went to a movie and you take your stub… and use it to buy that DVD, or be able to download it. Your ticket would entitle to you to a discount.
  • Aroma and audience ambiance That would likely get me to go to the theater for that kind of experience.
  • Force-feedback seats. How cool would that be? The only feedback I get on my seat is when I move it around. Bringing the movie off the screen and into the audience is something that would be really cool.
  • Interaction! Let the audience choose their own ending. The audience could create a noise level or push a button to choose how they would like to see the movie end.

Excellent Movie-Related Deals!

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How to Watch a Show

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During the holiday season, many of us will be going to see a show. Whether it’s a movie at the cinema, or a live performance in a theater, here are some excellent tips to make the evening more enjoyable for everyone.

  • Get there thirty to forty-five minutes before it starts. This is important, for concerts and theatrical performance they “open the house”. That means the doors are opened to allow the audience to find their seats and get all manner of talking out of the way before the show begins. It is also distracting to stage actors to have people attempt to find seats while they are trying to preform.
  • Make reservations. This mainly applies for theatrical shows and symphonic concerts. You may ask why, but the answer is simple. If you fail to reserve a ticket, then there is a chance the show will sell out. If it is a popular show, or a show that parents will want to children to see, there is a good chance that the show will sell out. Some places will call you back to confirm the reservation. Also, if you realize that you cannot make the reservation, then call the box office and tell them ASAP. That way, the box office can open those seats up to other people. If you fail to reserve tickets, then do not blame the people working the box office. It is not their fault that you were idiotic and not make a reservation.
  • DO NOT TALK during the show. You may think your comment is funny, but the people around you will not. In a movie, it’s not as bad as a play. Also, just because you think the lead actor of the show is gay, you may not want to say this because you don’t know if the people in front of you are friends of the actor or not.
  • Do not bring children under the age of four or five to see a show. Yes, it may be a good show for them to see, but if they end up to cry or be fussy, you can bet that the actors and the other audience members will be unhappy and distracted. If it gets too bad, you may be asked to leave. If you take a child to a show, request to get isle seats. This way, if the little bundle of joy is fussing, you can quietly get up and take the child out to the lobby and attempt to calm him or her down.
  • TURN OFF YOUR WIRELESS “CELL” PHONE! This is one, that even reminded by the director before hand, people tend to forget. Nothing like watching a showing of the musical Shenandoah, and hearing someones ringtone. Not only did the phone ring not fit the show, it also gained the ire of the actors on stage, and the audience members, not to mention the technical crew.
  • DO NOT TAKE PICTURES! The flash photography could bind the actor on stage, or it could also lead to the actor being injured and a lawsuit for you. It’s best to leave the camera at home. Also, if you are at a movie, and take out a camera, you could be reported as attempting to pirate the movie. This could land you in hot water with the MPAA, as well as in extreme cases, lead to jail time.

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At a Movie Theater Near You

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Michael sent in his top five tips for going to the movie theater. Yes, you’ll have to leave the computer room and actually go outside of your house. That’s a good thing to do every once in awhile, honest!

#1. Turn off your cell phone, pager or mobile device. There is nothing more annoying than to be engrossed in an excellent movie and hear someone’s phone start ringing shrilly. I know your cell phone is like glued to your hip, and you might die without it. But honestly… would you REALLY die in a two hour period?

#2. Keep talking to a bare minimum, except for laughter during funny parts of the show. Also, try not to go to a sequel with someone who didn’t see the first one. They’ll interrupt you and everyone around you by constantly asking “who is she?” or “well that doesn’t make sense”.

#3. Go to a matinee to save money. Also, matinee’s are a great time to take younger children. Since most people take the kiddies during the day, the likelihood of babies crying at night movies is much less.

#4. Save money by sneaking in your own snacks and/or drinks. I know most theaters frown on this, but seriously. Have you ever been caught and thrown out? Just be smart about it.

#5. Research the film you’re planning to see. Get recommendations from friends, relatives and even the “Intarnets”. If a film gets bad reviews from like *everyone*, skip it until it comes out on DVD. Save your money and see something else.

Excellent list, Michael. The only movie I nearly walked out on was Ghost Dad with Bill Cosby. I thought it was awful, and wished I had saved my money. Oh… there was also that whole fiasco near the end of Independence Day, where they tried to sell us on the whole “virus on a floppy for a Mac” thing. Give me a break.

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