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AT&T Doesn’t Want You to Text and Drive

AT&T’s Txtng & Drivng Campaign urges consumers to realize that ‘It Can Wait’. This documentary featuring families affected by texting while behind the wheel is being distributed to educators, government officials, safety organizations and public as part of a educational awareness campaign.

The man who shot the documentary for the company has himself now stopped texting while driving. “The people who shared their stories, were brave and wonderful. We all think we are superhuman and´╗┐ can do almost anything, we rarely consider the consequences of our own actions. This doc won’t change that, but it might help us remember it, hopefully, in at least one area of our lives. Think about the people in this doc who aren’t here to celebrate the holidays because of texting while driving.”

If something is urgent enough to need immediate attention on your phone, pull over to the side of the road or off at the nearest exit. Ask someone in the vehicle with you to type your response. Grab an app that you can simply talk to in order to text FOR you. Use hands-free devices. Most importantly, use some common sense, folks, that’s all AT&T is trying to remind you of.

Don’t let yourself – or anyone else on the road – become a statistic because your phone couldn’t wait.