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The Great Indoorsman Learns to Stay Warm

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Everyone knows that when you camp, you must stay warm with a sleeping bag. Heck, you likely even need a flashlight close at hand, for any number of unkown reasons.

It’s true that I am the Great Indoorsman. I can do pretty much anything indoors that you can do outdoors. I have my sleeping bag, and I have my flashlight. And – I just used my flashlight to help me get warmer! See how clever I am?!

The Great Indoorsman is a new series that I am putting together. If you have ideas of things I can do in future segments, email me!

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How Do You Measure Outdoor Temperature?

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Ponzi has a desktop app that displays current weather conditions. She also has an app on her iPhone that has weather on it. Yet, she always asks me what the temperature is outside. How am I supposed to know?! Now, she can use this handy little gadget to find out. The Outdoor LCD Window Thermometer is only $13.00 from ThinkGeek.

Since the temperature is the one thing that most effects your comfort level you typically want to know what to expect before heading out the door. Sure, you could open a door or window to check your local temperature but we think that is definitely way low tech. This simple but clean looking LCD Window Thermometer will give you a much easier way to know what it feels like outside. It easily mounts outside and features a large LCD digit display to show temperature reading. Shows minimum and maximum values with auto reset.

Never again should I have to answer the question “Is it skirt weather?”. Ponzi can simply look at the thermometer and decide on her own. Personally, I’m hoping it’s always skirt weather.


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Does Temperature Affect Wireless Connections?

http://live.pirillo.com/ – Applesauce in the chatroom want's to know if temperature affects WiFi and wireless connections.

Wirless connections run on RF – radio frequency – and RF engineers admit that it's a bit of a black art. In terms of making connections and throughput: no, temperature should not be so much of a factor that you notice any interference.

Generally, when you can't connect, there is some kind of interference, either from a wall or another wireless network, in which case you may want to switch to another channel.

Heat does play a critical role in physical components: if it's too cold or too hot, then the hardware will not function properly. Overheating is one of the biggest killers of hardware.

Do you have any suggestions for keeping your hardware cool and running smoothly?

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