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Conference Planning

Even with fantastic speakers, sponsors, and attendees lining up around the corner, Ponzi and I still face the challenges of conference production and direction head-on. Here’s the thing: the two of us are doing the work of ten people, on top of our other responsibilities for Lockergnome, The Chris Pirillo Show, etc. We both have to handle and/or manage Event Planning, Conference Coordinating, Press Queries, Registration Services, Attendee Administration, Speaker Selection, General Hosting, Web Site Updates, Risk Assessment, Special Equipment Needs, Facility Research, Program Management, Project Management, Print Materials and Quality Assurance, Schedule Arrangements, Budget Calibration and Financial Responsibilities, On-site Services, Food and Beverage Selection, Party Locations and Requirements, Online and Offline PR, Ticket Discrepancies, etc. – between two of us!

We’re not a conference coordination company – we’re just two people who love the tech world. So, why not offload a good chunk of these tasks to another organization (or others)? Because we don’t want to risk damaging the success of Gnomedex – that, and “everybody” in the conference industry is out to screw you. If we seem to be a little punchy in the weeks leading up to the conference, it’s only because we’re striving to make it an awesome event for every single Gnomedexer. We appreciate your ongoing support and faith, as always. Our sixth year is shaping up to be the best one yet! Barring any unscheduled fire alarms… 🙂

Gnomedex Web Site Overhauled

Don’t ask me why we didn’t do the redesign before announcing Gnomedex, but it’s better late than never! I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. We may just keep the same layout indefinitely (but swap out the header graphics). If you notice any bugs, just consider this new theme “under construction.” I know people are already asking about next year’s Gnomedex, but let’s get through this one first. We still have a few more sponsors to announce, as well as a few more speakers. Of course, you can expect more surprises at the event itself.