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Tagging Technorati

Technorati Tag Overload

In his latest “State of the Blogosphere” report, Technorati founder Dave Sifry finally conceded defeat to spam from BlogSpot and .info domains. His team of developers will be issuing Technorati 3.0 SP1 within a few weeks to address this climate shift.

The impending update will transmogrify Technorati.com from a hub of live Web content into a portal where only the latest spam posts and splogs are indexed and displayed. All junk entries, all the time! It’s a market that’s gone largely underserved until now.

A-List mortgage and erectile dysfunction bloggers were not available for comment.

Source: Technorati.com
Domain: Technoerrati.com

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Bar Tag with Wiffiti

Bar tagWe took Ponzi’s car in to get an enema this morning, leaving us with an hour of free time to grab a bite to eat down the street. Few restaurants (in the area) were open at 10:30am, but Hurricane Cafe is open 24 hours a day. Turns out, they’ve got an amazing menu. What’s more, since they cater to a younger crowd (at all hours), they’ve hung a plasma TV above the bar – pictured here. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll read: “txt H2 + a message to 87884” (go ahead, try it). Seconds after sending your text, you’ll see it bouncing around with the other messages on-screen. Even if you’re not there, the people who ARE there will see your message. Too freakin’ cool!

I had problems using it with my Smartphone at first (not having a subject area, I just needed to insert H2 and a space before typing my text message). As such, I received a few bounces: “Sorry, Wiffiti did not recognize your screen ID.” Dude, check it out – the Hurricane screen is online! What’s more, Wiffiti has a blog. I want one of these hanging on my wall. Had you heard about Wiffiti before? You gotta see it to believe it. I’ll take some txt soup to go!