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Motorola Xoom vs iPad: Which one Lost?

How do you know your product has failed?

When it’s sitting at the top of Woot – after Not Selling anywhere else. [EDIT: for the sake of Varun’s sanity, a very spirited commenter in the thread below, I amended this paragraph to help him better understand.]

I don’t know about you, but I hate buying something (new or used) only to know that it’s not going to be around (or supported) for much longer. Not to say that the Motorola Xoom tablet is a failure, but… normally, you wouldn’t find successes sitting in the digital equivalent of a bargain bin.

If you would still love to get your hands on this tablet computer, you’re better off looking for people who are more-than-willing to sell their remorse to you. I’m guessing you can get a Xoom for even less than what this web site is selling it for.

I might also mention that I’ve never touched a Motorola Xoom – but why would I? Why would you? Five years ago, the Xoom may have made for one interesting portable device. Five years ago.

And, for clarification’s sake: I have absolutely nothing against the Motorola Xoom for what it is! Unfortunately, it fell short of expectations in just about every way – and when you’re trying to compete with the iPad, you’d better have one amazing story to tell at a no-brainer price point.

Some people hate Apple so much that they’re trying to prove a point by buying something else. Stupid, but I guess it’s admirable. If you’re really itching to spend money on anything that isn’t an iPad at this point, you’re better off looking at HP’s TouchPad – if only because you know a single company is controlling the experience (hardware AND software).

I think it’s fair to say that the Xoom lost – but it didn’t go down without a fight!

Thoughts on the iPad 2 from ceBIT

Pieter was an attendee at the ceBIT conference last weekend and I was happy to talk with him during a bit of down time. At the time of the recording, I had not yet posted any official thoughts about the iPad 2. I definitely plan on getting one as soon as it is released, just as I will get the new iPhone whenever it hits the stores.

While the new iteration may not be revolutionary in any way, I feel it is the next logical step for Apple at this point in time. It’s evolutionary. The Cupertino giant has definitely upped the ante for everyone else. They’ve raised that proverbial bar just enough that other manufacturers will be tripping over themselves to attempt to catch up – maybe not with specs, but certainly with price point.

It doesn’t matter if your Android (or other) device has a larger screen or faster processor. It’s all about the experience itself and the amount of cash I’m going to have to shell out to get that experience. I simply haven’t seen a single other vendor out there who can even come close to these two all-important factors.

You cannot deny the sleekness of the iPad. The first gen model wasn’t all that lightweight but the new version is much slimmer and weighs a bit less. That part doesn’t honestly interest me. Whoopie – it’s a few grams lighter than the original offering. It still boils down to the price point.

Forget the number of apps available. I don’t care if there are five billion apps out there – I want quality. In my eyes, Apple’s marketing message is a tad off. It’s not about the quantity – it’s about the experience. I’d rather choose from a pool of 50,000 solid apps than from one of 500,000 questionable ones.

I’ll call it now: HP will give Apple a run for their money with the webOS-based tablets than Android has done. I’m not saying Android is bad, so please don’t start your flame wars. I simply feel that Android needs to mature some more before it can successfully compete in the tablet world. Each new version of the operating system is an improvement over the last – and that’s my point. It’s growing and maturing into what it will become one day.

The way I see it is that it’s the iPad on one side of the fence and everyone else on the other side. I already stated that HP will be stepping up to the plate this year. The only other thing I see bringing any competition to the market could possibly be Google… IF they fully bake their operating system into the right hardware – and with the right cost.

True geeks may want the fastest and best specs on the market. But at the end of the day, the target audience is the non-geeks – those who simply want a good experience.

NoteSlate ePaper Tablet

A few hours ago, Lockergnome user Justin posted a discussion about the proposed NoteSlate ePaper tablet. After looking at the specs and what it could do, our community member felt it would be a good device to take with him to classes. This no-frills device doesn’t connect to the Internet. You cannot check your email or Twitter feed and you won’t be poking anyone on Facebook. Instead, you can draw and take notes – in one color.

That may not sound overly exciting, but I have a feeling teachers will love this and may perhaps allow it in their classrooms. Many students around the world aren’t allowed to have any type of devices on their desks during the school day, including laptops for note-taking. Since the NoteSlate isn’t capable of letting them goof off, this may just be a simple answer that instructors have been waiting for.

The device is proposed to come in four different colors: red, black, blue or green. The color that you can sketch and write in depends on the color of your tablet. The 13″ matte screen is perfect real estate for keeping track of your lecture notes, business meeting agendas and even the doodles you make while you’re on a conference call.

You’ll have the capability to save whatever items are important and erase the things you decide are worthless to you. Connectivity options include a USB port, SD card slot, and promises of a “free WiFi module.” No word has been released on what type of processor is used.

Your grandparents used an old chalk slate during their studies since paper tablets were so expensive. In current times, paper is cheap but considered to be bad juju to waste a lot of. You can easily combat that problem by dropping a hundred bucks on one of these devices if they are indeed put on sale later this year.

7″ Android Tablet – Aigo N700

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Aigo is a Chinese company who has been making portable media players for a while and now they are doing this capacitive 7″ Android tablet, it’s powered by Qualcomm MSM7627 ARM11 processor, comes with built-in 3G CDMA modem for around $450 unlocked retail price. So it is cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but it’s also using a cheaper 600mhz ARM11 processor.

This video was filmed by Charbax of ARMdevices at CES 2011.

Which Android Tablet Should You Buy?

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Someone recently asked me which Android tablet I feel is the “best.” I admit to not having much experience with Android tablets as of yet. What experience I have had has been okay. They’re functional, and they work.

However, I feel that they will really start to get interesting (and become more viable) once Google releases the Gingerbread update. This is when Google will be optimizing the Android system specifically for larger-screen devices. This optimization hasn’t yet happened at the software layer. It doesn’t matter if you have widgets and ports and other doo-dads.

When the software has been optimized for tablets, then I will likely pay a lot more attention to Android tablet devices. Until then – they’re nice toys.

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InterPad 10 Inch Tegra 2 Android Tablet

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The tablet features a 10-inch capacitive display that also accepts multi-touch gestures. It packs the usual 1024×600 pixels and runs Android 2.1 on its powerful Nvidia Tegra 2 processor that brings in 1080p video support. This tablet design is manufactured by Chinese manufacturer Malata as you can see from this Computex video filmed last June.

Inside, you’ll find 16GB of flash storage. That can be expanded with a 32GB micrSD card. It has 1GB of memory, Wi-Fi b/g and a 3900mAh battery. The battery promises 8-12 hours of running time per charge. There’s also a USB and HDMI port included, both of which the iPad lacks.

This video was filmed by Charbax of ARMdevices at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin Germany.

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Archos 101 Internet Tablet

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This new machine is probably one of the most affordable 10.1″ capacitive Android 2.2 ARM Cortex A8 tablets. It has beautiful built-in HDMI output and full sized USB host. Pricing will start $299 for the 8GB model with MicroSD slot. It’s amazingly thin and light, weighing only 480 grams. That is 30% less heavy than the iPad and it’s got 12% more screen surface area than the iPad. – This video was filmed by Charbax of http://ARMdevices.net at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin Germany.

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Is the iPad Making Steve Ballmer Nervous?

Love him or hate him, Steve Ballmer is a dynamic person. When he speaks, it’s from the heart. There have been many times where I’m sure something popped out of his mouth that he later regretted. However, the passion he has for what he does is something to be admired. I’ve never quite figured out why it is that people tend to hate on him and claim he’s nothing more than a puppet. A person doesn’t stick with a company as long as he has if they don’t believe in what they’re doing. Steve-o will say whatever is on his mind at any given moment… and is honest in admitting when something hasn’t gone quite the way the Redmond company had planned.

Photo credit to Engadget.

Speaking to financial analysts today about tablet devices, Ballmer admitted that Apple has “sold certainly more than I’d like them to have sold.” How’s that for plain, cold truth, folks? It’s no secret that the team behind the other Steve (Jobs) is dancing in the aisles over there in Cupertino. The iPad has already outsold even their loftiest projections. I own one… and love it. It’s an amazing device. That doesn’t mean, however, that something better won’t come along. The iPad isn’t the be-all and end-all in the tablet device market.

Argue all you want. It’s quite possible we could see a better device come with Windows 7 on it. Perhaps the front-runner will one day run Android… or any number of other operating systems. It’s impossible to predict the future, and that my fellow Geeks is what keeps the tech world so interesting. Would you want to be in a world where the iPad was as good as it’s ever going to get? I sure as hell don’t. I want to be right here watching new and better devices hit the streets.

Look. We all know that Microsoft has a lot of work to do in order to begin to catch up. Other companies are working hard to come up with the next big thing in the gadget world. Every day, there are new advances. Every week, we see new product launches. Mark my words… one day soon, we’ll see something on the shelves that blows the iPad out of the water. In my opinion, Ballmer shouldn’t sweat so much over a few (large) numbers.

I cannot wait until that day comes. What about you?

10" capacitive Android Tablet by Malata

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This tablet has a nice design; it’s compact and light for a 10″ capacitive Android tablet. It comes with a HDMI output for 1080p video output, USB host ports, and is based on the ARM Cortex A9-based Nvidia Tegra 2 processor.

The SMB-A1011 features a 10.1 inch capacitive 1024 x 600 multitouch screen. There’s 512MB/1GB SLC or 2GB to 32GB iNand storage. You’ll find 512MB (up to 1 GB) DDR2 memory, a mini USB, mini HDMI, audio in and out, speakers, a microSD card slot and an accelerometer inside this tiny little device. It weighs less than 1 1/2 pounds, and measure only approximately 10 x 6.5 x .5 inches.

This video was filmed by Charbax at Computex 2010 in Taipei Taiwan.

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Dell Streak Tablet Computer Will Hit Stores This Summer

We first heard of the Dell Streak tablet computer in January during the Consumer Electronics Show. Today, Dell has officially announced that the device will be available this summer. Additionally, the company says that the tablet will get an upgrade to Android 2.2 with Flash later this year. The Streak will launch in the UK early in June and the U.S. later this summer. Dell didn’t provide specific launch dates for either country, nor pricing and carrier details.

The Streak will have a 5 inch WVGA touchscreen, a 1-GHz Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm and 2GB of internal storage. There will be a maximum allowable 32 GB of external SD storage, a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and a front-facing camera for video recording. The Streak will come equipped with 3G capabilities, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options.

Dell is hoping to attract consumers who need a bigger screen than most phones carry – yet is smaller than a netbook. “There’s several places where a smartphone isn’t enough,” Neeraj Choubey, Dell’s general manager for tablet devices, said recently on the Direct2Dell Web site. “I think many users will see it as a useful media consumption device.” The Streak has been referred to as a tablet computer, but it’s much smaller than what you would think a tablet should be. However, Dell IS also reportedly working on larger versions which will boast seven to ten inch screens.

It’s possible that the Dell Streak may hit that sweet spot between phones and large-screen devices (such as the iPad). According to Ron Garriques, president of the Dell Communication Solutions Group, “Its unique size provides people new ways to enjoy, connect, and navigate their lives.”