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Why Should Celebrities Use Social Media?

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Dave Peck, a force in new media since 2004, has been behind some of the biggest social media campaigns in the industry. In this interview, he discusses how celebrities are connecting with their fans through social networking, and how productions have benefited from live tweeting.

Dave considers himself as working in interactive PR. He’s been fortunate to interview some pretty cool people lately, including Antonio Sabato Jr, Jerry Ryan, Kenny Loggins and Lou Diamond Phillips. These celebrities are learning the power of social media and connecting with fans via Twitter. While their respective television shows are on, the actors leverage Twitter to connect with their followers during air time.

I happen to be friends with Survivor host Jeff Probst. One of the things that helps keep his site so insanely active is the fact that he live Tweets during shows. He engages the community with questions – and by answering their queries. The traffic on his website spikes into the ozone every time the show airs… and Jeff’s direct involvement in social media is one of the largest reasons. It proves once again that celebrities can and should be using the power of services such as Twitter.

When a celebrity shares themselves online, they are making themselves less of a “star” and more of a human. It allows them to make real connections with people, and it reminds all of us that no one is “above” us in any way. We’re all on the same level, y’all – every one of you is just as human as anyone else. Using social media can help level that playing field.

Ashton Kutcher believes in the power of social so much that he went out and developed his own Twitter client. Aplus was created with Adobe Air, so it works cross-platform. It’s a solid piece of software – even if you aren’t a fan of Ashton’s. You have the option to remove the information about the man himself, and use the app in the ways that work for you.