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How Do Kids Under the Age of 12 Use the Web?

There’s an interesting survey going on right now, via ReadWriteWeb. They are attempting to gather data on how a child under the age of twelve might use the Web, and how much of it they really understand.

The survey is designed to have parents along for the ride. Children will draw their responses to specific questions, and then the parents will upload them to the survey response center. They are even being cautious with anonymity. There’s no need whatsoever to reveal a child’s identity, nor any identifying information. A parent can make up a first name (or nickname) for their child when beginning the survey.

The survey aims to discover how children use and understand Web technology, the environmental factors that contribute to these understandings, and the extent to which children can think ‘innovatively’ about web technology. The study also intends to deduce real-world applications from the drawings that the kids create.

If you are a parent of a child in this age group, I urge you to consider taking this survey with them. It will not only help gather important research information, it can also help you understand your child’s level of knowledge when it comes to the Internet. Talk with them about what they know, and set specific rules and boundaries for their online time. This will benefit both of you in the end.

TechSay Says IT Surveys Pay

Breckenridge Cartwright (I swear that’s his name) thought this might be up your alley:

We figure the readers of Lockergnome might be interested in joining TechSay. If they do, they can get paid for their opinions on IT issues through online surveys. We know they are not going to answer a survey for “the chance to win an iPod”, so we just pay cash.

We use a point system to handle the fact that we pay out in USD, Canadian dollars, Euros, British Pounds, etc. but in any case for each questionnaire the participant knows in advance how much they will make (minimum $10). IT pros tend to like the money, but according to what we’ve heard, they also like being able to “fix” products / software / services that they will end up using on a daily basis.

We’d like you to invite your readers to join TechSay.

Okay, so obviously I’ll get a credit if I refer you to take these surveys – but I’m largely interested in getting paid for the feedback I have been previously been handing out for free.

Fast Food Survey

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – Some random guy called me tonight to give me a survey about different fast food and pizza restaurants. I had a BLAST messing with him. Just watch and see.

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What kind of Blog Geek Reader are you?

This blog has been hand-selected to be a part of Tech Dispenser, Computerworld’s technology blog network. They’re conducting a brief survey (just 3 questions!) of visitors to better understand the audience they’re delivering content to. I guess they believe that geeks read me? I keep trying to tell ’em that my audience is really underwater basket-weaving grandmothers from the Arctic…

As a member of the Tech Dispenser Network, we need your help to learn about your blog’s readers. This information is vital to our understanding of the Network’s audience and will dramatically help our sales team’s efforts in the field. We’ve included 2 linking methods below; a 125×125 image and a simple link to the survey to include in a blog post, however, feel free to promote the survey in whatever way you choose.

I almost chose to promote it on my chest, but it’s a well-known fact that Arctic elders run chest-blockers in their browsers. However, YOU can’t block this text! Well, you can – but if you blocked it, then you obviously couldn’t be reading it right now. My blockers are in beta, which would make them beta blockers?