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Kissing My Surface Reflection

Kissing My Surface Reflection

Playing with the Surface that Microsoft is bringing to Gnomedex. They’ve even developed an application that will allow attendees to exchange contact information in real-time – not to mention, watch a live Twitter and Flickr stream of the latest content tagged with “gnomedex” online.

A still photo doesn’t do this Surface app justice, however. What you’re seeing is a monochromatic LIVE shot of the other side of my face as it was pressed against the Surface. Don’t worry, though – they’re going to be bringing it to Gnomedex where you can play with it in person.

I’m assuming you’re coming to Gnomedex. Then again, I’m assuming that you’re a geek like me who loves conferences with unlimited food, beverages, power, and wireless Internet access. I could be wrong to assume such things, however.

Would you rather watch a video demonstration of what the Surface will surface at the conference?

SecondLight: Bringing the UI into the Real World

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SecondLight is a new surface-computing technology that can project images and detect gestures in mid-air above the display, in addition to supporting multitouch interactions on the surface.

The SecondLight technology adds another dimension to Surface. It allows users to slide “magic lenses” over the display to give you another surface that can be linked to the first. Microsoft researchers projected a picture of a car on the Surface display. When they added separate, moveable pieces of glass, a wire frame model was seen!

Normally, the Surface display serves as a projection screen. But SecondLight’s optical switch rapidly flips the display between translucent and clear. This tricks your eyes into seeing both images projected onto the “magic lenses”, which act as projection screens.

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