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Who is Your Favorite Superhero?

By definition, a Superhero is a fictional character of “extraordinary or superhuman powers” who is dedicated to protecting the public. In my mind, though, a Superhero is something far more basic. It’s that person you know who is fighting to raise cancer awareness. It’s the man who travels the country, telling the stories of homeless people. A Superhero is a person who goes above and beyond themselves to try to make this world a little bit better for all of us.

A Superhero doesn’t have to be famous, or get much recognition. They don’t have to have their name splashed on billboards, nor their tweets retweeted by thousands. They simply do what they do because they are truly passionate about helping others. They don’t do it for fame or glory or even money. They do it because they care.

Who are the Superheroes in your life? What makes them someone you admire? I’m willing to bet we have them right here, within our own community. Let’s share their stories, and help them continue the work they love so much.

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How to Be a Superhero

Anybody can be a super hero – even you. You have the power.

  • Smile at someone, and someone else will smile back. This is your most effective superpower.
  • If you’re walking through a door, and someone is behind you – pause for a moment and keep the door open for them. Works very well when combined with your Power of Smile.
  • Drop some loose change on the ground and make someone’s day.
  • Say something genuinely nice to someone you know – they probably won’t expect it.
  • Pick up a few extra groceries next time you’re in the store, then give ’em to the local food bank.
  • Refill the water jug in the refrigerator before it’s empty.
  • Volunteer to do something you wouldn’t normally do (nothing big, necessarily).
  • Place your neighbor’s newspaper on their doorstep instead of the driveway, where your arch-nemesis threw it earlier.
  • Donate old technology to non-profits.
  • Offer to make dinner, even if you can’t cook (nobody can refuse pancakes, and they’re easy to make).

Or, save the world from an evil spaghetti monster: