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GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercial

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GoDaddy has long been a supporter of our community. I was only too happy to help it out by promoting its Super Bowl 2011 commercial. Contrary to popular belief, I was NOT staring!

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Who is Your Favorite Superhero?

By definition, a Superhero is a fictional character of “extraordinary or superhuman powers” who is dedicated to protecting the public. In my mind, though, a Superhero is something far more basic. It’s that person you know who is fighting to raise cancer awareness. It’s the man who travels the country, telling the stories of homeless people. A Superhero is a person who goes above and beyond themselves to try to make this world a little bit better for all of us.

A Superhero doesn’t have to be famous, or get much recognition. They don’t have to have their name splashed on billboards, nor their tweets retweeted by thousands. They simply do what they do because they are truly passionate about helping others. They don’t do it for fame or glory or even money. They do it because they care.

Who are the Superheroes in your life? What makes them someone you admire? I’m willing to bet we have them right here, within our own community. Let’s share their stories, and help them continue the work they love so much.

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Who Will Win the Super Bowl?

It’s no secret that I’m not a sports fan. However, I do love to watch the commercials during the big events – such as today’s Super Bowl! Who doesn’t enjoy deciding which company won the Superbowl war for ‘best commercial’? Some of them are just downright outrageous, and make us head to YouTube over and over to re-watch them! Oh, wait… Super Bowl. There’s football played during that too, right? Ok, ok, fine… who’s going to win the thing?!

the Daleks. – Caroline

I vote for the Cylons – Haggis (Sean)

DALEKS!!!!! can take your CYLONS!!! – Caroline

Giants – Lou Paglia

Maybe if you followed sports more you would know. – Jonathan Brown

Seriously though, I’m in the same boat as Chris. I never watch sports, and the Super Bowl is the only time i’ll sit through a game. I always root for the underdog (who haven’t won a Super Bowl), and that’d be the Cardinals. – Haggis (Sean)

I’m with Caroline here. Cylons are superior in only one respect: they are better at dying. EXTERMINATE. … I’m sorry, we were talking sports, weren’t we. *backs away slowly* – Penguin Sparrow

the daleks would kill em all 😛 – Terry O’Fee

They would all be defeated by a single Twiki from Buck Rogers. – Haggis (Sean)


The commercials – Chris Welle

The Super Bowl is on? Cylons ….. a powder puff game of the 3’s vs the 6’s 😛 lol – Matt

Steelers, Coke – Mike Nayyar

Steelers, Budweiser – Steve Olson

Cards, Budweiser – Andy Beal

Steelers [because the hubs would divorce me otherwise], none because we don’t get the American commercial feed in Canada! Have to watch them later on YouTube! – Abby Martin

Cards. Pepsi. +1 Abby – Shey

Steelers, Ivars – Brian Daniel Eisenberg

I’m rooting for the Cardinals and I don’t care about the commercials. – Mathew™

Steelers, no commercials in germany – sdfx

Steelers of course, coke – Mike Hussein Cohen

Cthulhu’s Elder Gods, Fthagn – Tad, Made of Meat

No commercials in Germany? It must be really boring to watch, what with those 10-minute spaces between each play. – Glen Campbell

@glen it’s pretty bad. They show the cheering crowds during the breaks, kind of boring. And I never know which product to buy afterwards… – sdfx

This is the only game I ever bother to tune into. – l0ckergn0me

@l0ckergn0me Me to 🙂 – TheHenry

Steelers, FriendFeed – Kevin Fox

Kevin, serioulsy? FF did a Superbowl buy? wow you all must be rolling in the dough. 🙂 – Ken Gidley

Cardinals, iPhone – TheHenry

Steelers, GoDaddy – Chris White

Windows Blue Screen of Death- Ubuntu – Fred Grott

Man Utd. Red Devils; World Soccer Shop 🙂 – सत्याग्रह {Bren}

Cardinals. Wolverine trailer. – .LAG

No, we didn’t, but I still can’t wait to see it. 😉 – Kevin Fox

Live Super Bowl Footage

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We may not be able to broadcast the SuperBowl, but we CAN talk about it. We can laugh at the excellent commercials, and we can diss the players. Why don’t you join us all day on SuperBowl Sunday… for free! You can do that in one place, and one place only… in our Live Chat Room.


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