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Which Brown Shoes Should I Wear Tonight?

Which Brown Shoes Should I Wear Tonight

This weekend is one of the biggest in the fashion industry. Cities all over the country will be celebrating with Fashion’s Night Out events, including Seattle. Yours truly has been asked to be a VIP red carpet walker – arm candy, if you will. There are numerous activities going on tonight in any number of locations during the Seattle Fall Fashion celebration.

You’ll find parties, prizes, games, discounts, entertainment and some of the best food you’ll eat anywhere if you come and hang out with us tonight. I’ll be dressed to the nines. Well, I’ll be dressed, at least. Hopefully I choose the right shoes to go with my outfit. I’m told that shoes make the outfit. Why does coordinating everything have to be so difficult?

Getting New Glasses

Right now, my face is so close to the LCD screen, I can see blues and reds of the sub-pixel font rendering. Why would I be doing such a thing? No, I’m not testing the boundaries of ClearType – I just had my eyes dialated at a long-overdue optometrist appointment. It’s time to get new glasses!

Ponzi has yet to master the art of subtlety, having handed me a “Market Optical” gift certificate for my birthday a few weeks ago. That’s her way of saying I need to update my look to help her avoid further social embarassment. She had done her homework, too – selecting a style-heavy outlet through which I might find new specs.

I flipped on a thick, black rim frame as soon as I saw it – but the covered up my eyebrows (which is a bad thing, apparently). I’ve always been most comfortable in mid-sized, rounded frames – but few of those were to be found on the shelves. It didn’t take too long to find the perfect fit. You’ll see it for first time when I get them in another week or so.

TopStyle 4.0

If you’ve been itching to get ahold of the next version of TopStyle for CSS editing, looks like you’ll have to itch a little while longer. From the official forum thread, Nick Bradbury weighs in on the Cascading Style Sheet fanatical discontent:

Apologies for not jumping in here sooner – I guarantee that while I’ve been quiet in this thread, I haven’t been quiet about making sure that TopStyle has a future. The delay in our response hasn’t been due to a lack of desire to create a new version, but instead a lack of time and talent (let’s just say that I bit off more than I could chew when I decided I could handle two popular apps by myself!). As Ronnie states, we’re still planning a TopStyle 4.0. However, there’s a good chance that someone other than myself will be in charge of developing it (I will, of course, still be involved in its design).

I use TopStyle for CSS editing, too – as does most of the working Windows world. No word on whether Microsoft’s new Visual Web Studio is any better (or worse) than TopStyle, though. PSPad comes with TopStyle lite, which enables me to quickly edit Cascading Style Sheets. For the most part, I can do simple CSS tweaks from personal memory. Still, I’m looking forward to new versions of TopStyle (the definitive CSS editor on the Windows platform).