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Stuck in an Internet Rut

Unless you’re an early adopter, the chances of you becoming stuck in an Internet rut are actually quite high. We tend to allow this to happen in our offline lives all too often. We become stagnant – stuck in our ways. We don’t branch out to try new things and go new places. It’s easier and less frightening to go with what we already know and are used to, isn’t it? The same thing can happen when you’re online, and that saddens me.

The Internet stretches even further than your own imagination. If you want to find it – it’s out there. Trying new things should be easier online than anywhere else. We have that anonymity when we’re behind a screen, remember? That doesn’t mean you can act like an idiot and treat others badly. It does, however, give you a window in which you can stretch your wings and do something outside of your comfort zone.

I tend to get pretty angry when I see someone saying online that they are bored. In fact, if you say that in my chat room, the bot will tell you that “If you’re really bored, then leave. There’s plenty else to do on the Internet. By yawning or stating that you’re bored here, you’re only illustrating your extreme level of apathy and inability to keep yourself entertained. If you’re not engaged, you’re doing something wrong – and it’s nobody’s fault but your own.” I cannot reiterate how true that is: if you’re bored online, it’s your own fault.

If you’re painfully shy and have always dreamed of being the center of a large group of people, the Internet will let you do that. There are millions of forums and chat rooms out there, folks. You can join general ones or those which are geared towards specific interests. I’ve known plenty of people who were terrified to meet new people who reported that making friends online was a whole new ballgame.

Perhaps you are someone who always wanted to try their hand at cooking – why not sign up for a course on the Internet? You can follow along via your notebook right in your own kitchen. Maybe you think you’d like to learn Yoga but are afraid of looking stupid in front of others as you attempt to stretch your body into those God-awful positions. Guess what? You can figure that out online, as well.

There’s truly no excuse for becoming stuck in a rut when you have access to the Internet. If you cannot force yourself to try new things out in the physical world, why not attempt them in the online one?