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Happy Healthy You with Stretch Relief

When you spend your days at a desk, it’s easy to end up having aches and pains in your back, neck and shoulders. I know several people who happen to struggle with this on a near-daily basis. Some of them have had to resort to seeing their physician or chiropractor in order to find relief from the tightness and pain they are experiencing. That is why I am excited to share an email I received today with you. Ashik has developed an iPhone app that I think you’re going to find is a life saver.

My name is Ashik Raj Manandhar. I hope you’re doing great. I’m emailing you about a new iPhone app I developed recently called Stretch Relief that I think your readers will be interested in. I’m a software developer, and I’m on the computer all day. I used to get really bad Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI) prior to making this app. I had constant throbbing pain in my wrists, elbows, shoulders, back, and neck. So I made Stretch Relief, a mobile stretching app designed for people to use at their office. I’ve been using the app since, and it’s removed the pain I was dealing with before. I was hoping you could review my app on your website. Please email me if you’d like a free promo code. I only have a limited amount of promo codes to hand out. I’ve attached my Press Release statement below. Thank you very much!

Stretch Relief is going to change your life – I promise. How much money have you spent on lotions, medications and doctor visits to try and get rid of those chronic aches brought on by working on a computer all day long? This app will only cost you a buck, folks. It is filled with stretches that you can do right in your office without having to schedule time to hit the gym. You will feel instant – AND long-lasting – relief.

You can take this app with you to the gym for pre-workout stretching. You can do some of them while sitting on the subway or in your car during rush hour stopped traffic. The app gives you the option to target specific areas that hurt and the option to stretch the entire body to ensure you miss nothing. The interface is beautifully illustrated with step-by-step guides included to make sure you are doing things the right way.

The app and its exercises are designed to be used anywhere – at any time – including while in fancy clothes at the office. Don’t wait until the pain is really getting to you. Start stretching your way to a healthier – and happier! – life today.

Stretch Yourself

It’s time to stand up and stretch. Get out of those chairs. Come on – you can do it. Stand up, and reach your arms above your head as high as they will go. Now bend over, and attempt to touch the ground (don’t worry, I can’t quite do that, either). Hold your arms out to your sides and stretch them wide. Heck, why not even twist a little to each side, much like a tree swaying in the breeze.

You have now successfully stretched out your body… but have you stretched your mind? I just stumped some of you, didn’t I? You thought for a second “what the heck, there are no exercises for that!”.

Ah, but that is where you would be wrong, my friends. Every time you read something, you stretch your mind. Every time you think a decision through, you stretch your mind. Every time you look at something through someone else’s eyes, you stretch your mind. Every tiny spec of information you absorb… you get the picture.

Many times, we don’t even realize that we have stretched our minds. We are so rushed through our day that much of what we have seen and done hasn’t even sunk in or made an impression by the time we pass out at night. It’s often much later, when a situation arises that forces us to recall certain pieces of information, when we realize “oh. wow. I knew that/learned that/remember that”. We forget to take the time to stop and marvel at everything that is out there, waiting for us to feast our brain on.

Spread your wings, little birds. Fly beyond your own nests and find those juicy little morsels that will feed and stretch your mind and soul.