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MOG Brings Unlimited Music to Your iPod and iPhone

We’ve waited for what seems like forever, but MOG is finally available! Subscribers will receive unlimited access to the MOG library of more than eight million tunes. These can be streamed or downloaded over 3G or WiFi access points. Access will cost you $9.99 per month. You can try it for free, though, for three days when you download the app. You won’t need to enter your credit card information during the trial period, unless you wish to upgrade to the full subscription service.

The mobile app for the iPod, iPhone and Android devices gives you the same functionality and features as their desktop service does. However, they take it one step further: you can store as many songs or albums as you want to your phone’s memory for offline access! MOG makes it easy to get the music you want to hear onto your devices. When you find something you like you can either stream it by tapping the song title or download it to the phone manually. Next to every song is a tiny downward-pointing arrow. Tap that arrow and MOG will start downloading your song in the background. The only restriction placed on how much you can download is how much your phone can hold!

It’s pretty easy to find your way around inside of the MOG app. The first thing you should check out is the search function. There are normal options such as filtering by song or artist. There’s also an option for playlists, which lets you search through the playlists set up by others in the large community of MOG fanatics. This points back to helping you to discover new music you may not have otherwise ever found.

Last – but absolutely not least – you can use MOG to create a radio station of your own, much like you can with Pandora. Tell MOG what artists you want to hear, and use the sliding scale to tell the app whether to play songs ONLY from that person or group… or to add in things from similar ones.

Are you using MOG yet? What are your thoughts on the service and the app?

Google Music Service Coming to Android

According to an executive at Google, their much-anticipated music service will be launching later this year. It’s also purportedly going to be a big part of the next version of Android. This move by Google follows shortly after Apples announcement that it too will be launching a new streaming music service of its own linked to iTunes in the near future.

There is sadly not much more information to be found. I ran a check on about thirty other blogs. All of them say pretty much what you found in my first paragraph. The good news here is that info should start trickling in soon. The new music service is slated to hit during the 4th quarter. The first half of this year is already a thing of the past – yes, seriously. Time has flown by that fast.

Android has built a user-base that is growing rapidly. There are around 160,000 new Android devices being activated on a daily basis. Even though those numbers are nowhere near that of the new iPhone 4, it still shows that Google is steadily gaining ground. I fully believe (as do others) that a Google music service could give a similar Streaming iTunes application a run for its money.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe that you will become a dedicated listener to a music service from Google? Does having this capability baked into Android “Gingerbread” make you think about purchasing a device for that reason alone?