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What is the Best Aisle in the Store?

When you head out to your local grocery store, what aisle do you enjoy wandering down the most? I truly dislike shopping – even for groceries. Going to the store is absolutely painful for me. I grab a cart, rush up and down the various aisles and throw things into the basket. I have a tendency to lose people I am with and have been known to run into people a time or two in my quest to get it over with.

However, I admit there is one aisle at my favorite store that I slow down for. I will go slowly, salivating over everything on display, trying to figure out which items have to go home with me that day.

What is your favorite part of the store?

Are Brick and Mortar Stores Better than eTailers?

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Where do you do your shopping? Do you get in your car, drive to a store, and then physically walk around to make your purchases? Or are you like a growing number of people who prefer to do their shopping online, from the comfort of their own home? It blows me away that some people still don’t understand that the Internet is a giant shopping “mile”.

It’s so nice that I don’t have to run all over the city looking for a specific item. I simply go onto Google and instantly find what I need. You can literally find anything online that you’re looking for, with just a few clicks of your mouse. You don’t have to get dressed, go out, drive somewhere. You don’t have to spend the money for gas, which we all know is wayyyyy over-priced right now. Just choose your time, sit down at your computer, and shop!

The folks in my chat room and I were discussing this, and we came up with a few ideas that could help traditional brick and mortar stores survive in the onslaught of Internet shopping.

  • Authenticated mobile device checkouts Instead of having to wait in line, you can just type in a few buttons on your mobile device and you’re done. How cool would it be if a real store took PayPal?!
  • Instant price matching If you haven’t done your research when you walk into the store, you could do a quick search online from your mobile device. Some retailers will tell you they cannot compete with ePricing. They almost have to in order to survive.
  • Emailing your shopping list, and having it ready when you get there. W00t! How great would that be? It would be so much faster for everyone involved.
  • Remote inventory checks. This would save us driving across town to a store, only to find out our items are out of stock. It would be great to be able to push a button and find out before I ever leave home if the item I need is available.
  • On-site customized construction. Let’s say you wanted to have a widget built. Instead of having it online, you could walk into a store and tell them what you want. Then presto! They make whatever it is you want to buy. A great example of this would be those dog-tag station. You drop in your dollars, tell the machine what you want, and it prints the tag for you immediately.

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