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Jon Stewart Rips Apple a New One

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It seems as though everyone with a blog has posted their opinions regarding the iPhone prototype. Was it lost? Was it really “stolen?” Is Gizmodo liable for not turning it in? Is the poor kid that found the gadget the one who should be in trouble? Heck, should anyone even BE in trouble? After all, accidents happen. People lose things all the time. Others find them.

This is likely part of the reason why Apple ignores blog posts for the most part. Everyone has an opinion, and not all of those opinions match what Jobs and company are thinking. Also, the blogosphere doesn’t necessarily reach all of Apple’s intended audience. However, Daily Show host Jon Stewart does happen to reach them, and Apple should be mighty worried about now.

During his show last night, Stewart went on a rampage about the entire iPhone prototype situation. He lambasts Apple for sending out the police, and for their overall reactions to this entire “case.” As Jason Kincaid said over on TechCrunch:

Stewart’s report glosses over some important points in the case and gets a few details wrong. But ultimately that doesn’t really matter — Stewart’s audience probably doesn’t care if there’s a chance a crime was committed here. To them, a guy found a phone in the bar, photos of it were posted on the Internet, and Apple responded by siccing the authorities on them.

While all of us in the tech world have a strong opinion on one side of this proverbial coin or the other, the general population of the world sees the entire debacle just as Jason described. Apple looks like the bad guy in that scenario, and people aren’t happy about it. Most people don’t really give a fig who we think is “right” or “wrong” during all of this. They see that we have a case of “Finders Keepers – Losers Weepers,” and that Apple is acting like a big baby as a result.

Steve Jobs is Ticked at Gizmodo

Steve Jobs has decided it’s time to step up and reply to Gizmodo’s iPhone leak, and he isn’t very happy.

The guys behind Hoggworks have done it again. Every video I watch of theirs has me laughing like a fool for several minutes. This time, their Steve Jobs puppet is reacting to the fact that Gizmodo had his iPhone 4.0 prototype. According to puppet Jobs, there will be no iPhone released this year.

Geez, Gizmodo! Did you have to go and ruin it for everyone?