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Steve Wozniak Gnomedex 4

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Today is the kickoff for the tenth – and likely final – Gnomedex conference. I thought it would be fun to upload an old video taken during Gnomedex 4 in 2004. Even if you aren’t an Apple fan, you likely still know this man. Steve Wozniak is the co-founder of Apple. His inventions have been credited with shaping the technology advancements of the 1970s. His passion and enthusiasm for the work he has done led the way for an entire generation of technology enthusiasts and developers. His genius and insight pioneered even the machines that we use in our homes and offices today. His humor and ability to take an honest look at himself and his work are things that all of us should aspire to achieve in our own lives.

As I look back on previous years of Gnomedex, I have loved every single one of them… and all of our speakers. However, I will freely admit that this is ranked as one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy this look back.

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