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Puppet Reviews Opera Mini for the iPhone

The people at Hoggworks make puppets, create high-quality online shows, and do a whole lot of other great stuff. Brian Hogg is the brains behind this outfit, and I’m not sure that everything is where it should be in his cranium. I mean that in a VERY good way, though. This stuff is hilarious, and nothing short of genius.

My favorite has to be the Mossberg puppet. This little guy is a parody of Wall Street Journalist Walt Mossberg.

In this video, Walt talks of how Opera embarked on the insane crusade of trying to get an Opera browser on the iPhone. He admits he’s really tired – but NOT drunk! He claims that this makes as much sense as Dom DeLuise saying he was Vegan.

In Walt’s eyes, Hell has frozen over since Apple actually approved this app. I think he starts off on a rant about Steve Jobs being his close, personal friend and making all of the rules of life. I was laughing so hard by this point that I couldn’t quite make out all of the words.

I think I’ll stop writing now. Watch the video for yourself. Nothing I say is going to make it any better than it already is.

iTunes Prize Winner Calls Steve Jobs a Liar!

Louie Sulcer didn’t actually use the word “liar”, but he did question Steve Jobs about four times before he finally believe it was really the Apple CEO calling him! Sulcer recently won the Appleā€™s iTunes Store 10 Billion Song Sold contest. When Steve himself called him to break the happy news, Louie had a hard time believing him. Apparently, his son is a prankster, always faking voices and accents to trick his family and friends. You could have knocked Louie over with a feather when he realized it truly was Steve Jobs on the other end of the line!

Sulcer wasn’t even aware there was a contest going on. He was just trying to purchase a new song that he had enjoyed. He’s beyond excited to have won the contest, along with a $10,000 iTunes card. He received an iPod Nano for his birthday not long ago, but now realizes he’s going to need an MP3 player with a whole lot more space on it!

It goes to show that you just never know… you could win something as easily as Louie Sulcer did. Everyone has a chance. However, you have none if you never play along.

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See Ya, 2009! Hello, 2010!

As I sit here preparing for the big event tonight, I can’t help but reminisce about Cory. While doing so, it just reminds me of the past ten years in general in my life. What a decade it has been! I’ve been fortunate to make a good career out of doing things I am passionate about, and I can honestly say I love what I do. My Gnomedex conference is heading into its tenth year in 2010, and I promise you we’re already working hard to make it as awesome as we possibly can!

I’m not one to make resolutions, really. Instead, I prefer to set goals for myself. I know that if I say “I will… “, it will likely not happen exactly the way I planned. Life gets in the way. Priorities can change in an instant depending on what’s going on around you. I would rather just set some goals for myself, my community, and my work. What goals or resolutions do you have?

I could never have accomplished everything in the early part of this year that I have if it weren’t for all of you – the community. Your support, strength and enthusiasm have driven me further, helping me to reach for new heights personally and professionally. You guys (and gals!) are the backbone of everything I do. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here, and going along for the ride with me on our journey into 2010!

Have a happy, healthy and safe New Year, everyone!

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Santa Claus Email

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Santa sent me a video email! Can you believe it?! I didn’t know he did things like this! Oh, I hope I’m on the Nice list! I’ve tried so hard to be good this year. I only asked Santa for one thing. If I’m lucky, I’ll find it in my stocking on Christmas morning!

Wait, what? Santa says I haven’t been good enough? That is a load of hooey! I’ve been a model citizen this whole year! I’ve been good, I swear it! What’s the deal?! That list is rigged, I’m telling you. Someone is telling lies about me!

Are you on the naughty list – or the nice list? What do you think you’ll find in your stocking on Christmas?

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