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The LEGO AT-AT is the All-Terrain Armored Transport, seen in Return of the Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back. This is actually my third major LEGO build. The first was the Star Destroyer, which was given to me by a friend. The second was the Death Star, which friends helped me build a few months ago on my birthday. The coolest thing about the AT-AT is that it is motorized! Just flip a switch and watch it take off across your room. I happen to think it’s probably the coolest thing I’ve seen all year. I’m just not so sure that Pixie would agree.

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LEGO Unboxing

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When was the last time you played with LEGO? What did you build, and did you keep your creation? I bought myself a LEGO Death Star kit for my birthday last year. I never have put it together, because I knew it was a massive undertaking. However, I had friends over for my birthday this year to help me with the build! I know I’m not the only one – do you still build with LEGO?

When I got up this morning, there were over 700 people watching my empty desk! They were waiting with baited breath for me to start unboxing! You might remember when I built the LEGO Star Destroyer that my friend Datalore bought me last year. Sadly, this unboxing isn’t going to be very exciting. There are just instructions and bags of little LEGO parts in there. The excitement will come with the actual building.

There are 3800 pieces in this kit! Holy cow that’s a lot of LEGO Bricks!! I know my friend Mona is excited over the little Chewie figurine, and can’t wait to see it. The manual is huge – it has tons of pictures and pages. I think it’s as tall as me!

Inside of the main box, there were a few smaller boxes. Inside of those boxes are tons of little baggies full of little LEGO bricks! Holy cow the baggies aren’t numbered. I know right now it’s going to take a long time to get this thing built. The Star Destroyer had numbers on the bags, which made it MUCH easier! Argh!

What do you think? How long do you think it will take us to get this thing built?

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Are You Also Addicted to LEGO?

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Yep, this is a LEGO Star Destroyer space craft I just finished building. Isn’t it just gorgeous? Datalore gave me this kit as a gift when he visited the US recently for the Gnomedex conference. I was super excited, because I would likely never have bought it for myself. I’ve never even truly had a LEGO kit before. I had some LEGO blocks, sure. But I was such a deprived child. I had a Star Destroyer, but it wasn’t something I built myself.

Build the most awesome ship in the Star Wars universe! The Imperial Star Destroyer is the massively huge, incredibly powerful heart of the Emperor’s fleet. Manned by the top crew in the Imperial Navy, the Star Destroyer was heavily armored and bristling with turbolasers and tractor beam projectors. One Star Destroyer alone was enough to strike fear into an entire star system!

Now you can add the Imperial Navy’s best-known and most powerful ship to your LEGO Star Wars collection! Measuring an impressive 37” by 23”, this model dwarfs any LEGO Star Wars ship ever produced. This beautifully designed and one-of-a-kind collector’s item comes with a special display stand and collectors card. Also includes an exclusive Rebel Blockade Runner Mini-Model, so you can recreate the opening scenes of Star Wars IV: A New Hope!

So I’ve had the kit for about two weeks now, and it was just sitting in my office. I’ve been busy, you know! I was feeling stressed out last night, so I grabbed the box and started building. I worked for hours, until I couldn’t see straight anymore. I slept for awhile… then I was up and at it again. Building this was addictive to me, and almost an obsession to finish it.

I’m very happy with what I created. It’s insanely cool. I didn’t have LEGO Star Wars growing up, because they didn’t even have them. You’re never too old for LEGO bricks, nor too old for Star Wars. Not only did I have fun doing this, it was also a great stress reliever. I think I’ll end up putting it up on top of my hutch, with the back facing out. I mean, really. Isn’t that just a gorgeous rear end on this ship?!

The other reason I bring this up, is that building LEGO kits can honestly be a bonding experience. It’s something good for a parent to do with a child, or even a grandparent with a grandchild. The sense of accomplishment I have right now is just huge. That is something you can share with a child, once you’ve had a great time building it. Spending the time working on a craft project like this can also pave the way to opening conversations you might not otherwise have had.

Why grow up? You’re never too old to indulge your inner child and play.


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