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SSD Drive Deals

Been getting tons of inquiries for Solid-state Drive (SSD) coupons. Haven’t been able to find any specific coupons, but I have put together a list of available SSD drives (and their prices) at Buy, TigerDirect, OnSale, Dell Small Business, ZipZoomFly, TechLoops, Mwave, Walmart & Geeks.

Just how fast is an SSD drive? Here’s a live demonstration of one of the new Samsung SSDs (now available on NewEgg):

Told ya.

Granted, not all SSD drives were created alike. Just because it’s an SSD doesn’t mean it’s going to be super fast (or super efficient). Check into the specs and watch your budget – get as much as you can afford. That’s a good rule of thumb when it comes to these things.

Would I ever go back to a traditional hard disk? Hell no.