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Nintendo Unveils Wii Party

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced a combination of Mario Party and Wii Sports today with a new offering called Wii Party. The upcoming concoction will feature games such as the “International Vacation Game,” “Mii Jyan” roulette and “Balance Ship.” Each game will of course have your Mii starring in it somewhere. “As you know, ‘Wii something’ are the titles that we use only with software that Nintendo has developed exclusively for Wii with the aim to make them marquee titles for Wii,” a translation reads from a presentation given to investors by Iwata. “We are developing this game with the aim to make it a marquee party game for Wii.”

This take on the Mario Party series swaps your Mii for Mario and his pals. It adds a few board games and other puzzlers. Considering the success of the Wii series of games, this has a definite shot of being successful. Is this something that will interest you? How do you think it will compare to the Mario Party series?

There’s always a party going on when it’s time to grab some new software for your computer.