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What's in Your Dock?

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I bet you’re either running Mac OS X or some kind of dock software on Microsoft Windows (RocketDock or ObjectDock). Either way, I’ve received a few emails from y’all asking what I have in my dock. I hate to disappoint, but there’s not much in it.

In my dock, you’ll find a few things. Mine is kept at the bottom of the screen and hidden automatically. I have the Mac Finder, the Mail icon, iCal, my downloads folder and Trash. That’s it. I don’t have a great amount of icons. I like things nice and neat.

I don’t really need icons in my dock. I can get to apps really quickly using Spotlight. Once in a while, I will use QuickSilver to launch something quickly using a keyboard shortcut. Obviously, if an app is running it will be in the dock until I’m finished with it.

If you prefer the look of Windows 7, you can run a beta of HyperDock on your Mac.

If you’re a fan of ObjectDock and would like to win one of five copies for yourself, simply send a tweet with @chrispirillo in it, and something about #ObjectDock. I will select five people at random to win a copy of ObjectDock Plus 2.0. Your Impulse username will be required in order to receive the prize.

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How Do You Find Files From Across the Network?

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I tried telling Wicket that everything would be fine, and that I had all the information at hand. He just wouldn’t listen to me. So, I showed him SearchLight. It allows me to access files from all across my network, including ones on my iPhone.

Search your Apple computer from all machines in your office, at home and even your iPhone. Expand Spotlight to work online: Searchlight’s, AJAX powered User Interface is designed to make the whole process of finding documents on your computer as simple as possible, no matter where you are on the network. Searchlight brings the power of Spotlight to your entire network, including Windows and Linux users, through a very simple web interface. A recent web browser is all you need. Use SearchLight to search for files with your iPhone. The iPhone interface was built from the ground up to give users the iPhone experience they expect and lets you access your mail archive and office files on the go.

I can search for everything, everywhere. Or, I can set up specific folders that I want to look in. I can even list only .pdf’s or choose to show thumbnails instead of just titles. Wicket just doesn’t care about the files, he cares about the Optimus Maximus keyboard.

I can browse all the files in my network in a Web interface. Even if I’m on the other side of the World, I can access my home network and get ahold of any files I may need on the go. How many times have you had to run across the house, or even drive across town to get a file? Seriously, how much time and even money can you save by using SearchLight? It’s well worth spending the money, just to save yourself the frustration.


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