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How Many Questions Do You Get Asked Every Day?

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Ryan recently asked if I am afraid of spiders. Indeed I am. This gives me reason to bring up that we now have more than 50,000 questions answered on the Lockergnome Questions and Answers site – including “What kind of spider is this?”

I’m a massive arachnophobe… you have NO idea. Thankfully, I was able to click away from that horrible picture without having to really look at it. I simply wanted to show that we don’t only help each other out with technology-related questions here. The Lockergnome site is a place to ask questions about anything your mind can think up. You can also answer any and all questions you come across.

Don’t forget that the first person to hit 100,000 karma points will win the Optimus Maximus keyboard! Get on there, and get to asking – or answering – questions.

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Bug Vacuum

I gotta get me a bug vacuum – or a spider vacuum, if I have to get something pest-specific. It’s spider season here in Seattle, and Ponzi and I are crawling out of our respective skins. She’s already gone through 14 magazines today (with the victims getting anything but more literate). If there’s a can within reach, our uninvited pest guests are treated to a complementary insecticide bath. We used to deploy the handheld vacuum to suck up spiders, but nobody ever wanted to clean the trap afterwards. A bug vacuum may be the only way to go… zip zap!