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How can you get out of a Traffic Ticket?

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Acey612 writes: “My day job is as a police officer for the city where I live. We are a smaller town, but since we are 10min from the beach, we have a lot of traffic. I normally lead my department in citations per month, but I wanted to provide viewers with the top 10 ways to get OUT of a ticket.”

  • Don’t Argue. If you feel you are innocent, don’t argue your point with the officer. Maybe you are innocent, who knows? But even if you are, that’s what COURT is for. Arguing with the officer on the side of the road won’t do anything to help you, and if you make the officer mad, he/she will probably find something else to write you for.
  • Honesty. In a perfect world, no one would break the law. However, if you are driving with a suspended license, no license, no insurance, ect. and the officer asks you about it… Don’t lie. There are many offenses that you can be written a ticket for, or go to jail over. This is left up to the discretion of the officer, and if someone is honest to me, I try to give them as many breaks as I can.
  • Don’t flirt. Contrary to popular belief, flirting will not get you out of a ticket. I have had girls AND guys try this. It’s insulting, and most officers will give you a ticket when you try it. (Also bear in mind that 90% of all traffic stops are on digital video AND audio, don’t embarrass yourself.)
  • No Excuses. Even if you have a valid excuse, don’t offer one. Just follow the officer’s commands and provide the needed documentation. We normally respect people who don’t try to obviously get out of a ticket by using excuses. I have heard all of them. FYI, if you say you were in a hurry because your uncle is in the hospital, we will call the hospital to verify your story. If you’re lying, it don’t look good.
  • Obey the Law. Alright, you knew this one was coming. I have given you some good tips, but none of them are fail safe. A lot of discretion is left to police officers on whether you are cited or not. Each officer is different, and may have a different policy on things than I do. Since getting, or not getting a ticket relies on your behavior, as well as the officer that stopped you, the only PROVEN way to get out of a ticket is to obey the law. Don’t speed, and wear you seatbelt. No one likes being pulled over, but believe it or not, traffic laws are enforced for your safety. I have worked many wrecks that were caused just because someone wasn’t obeying a simple traffic law. The bottom line is, we are here to help you, and keep you safe.


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