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Are You Ready to Visit Space?

How old were you when you decided you were going to be an Astronaut? I don’t know too many people who didn’t dream of this career as a child. What cooler job could there possibly be than to defy gravity and hang out somewhere out there? I think I was probably four or five the first time I informed the world at large (meaning: mom and dad) that I was going into space some day. Some thirty years later, I’m still patiently waiting to blast off. While I am never going to be an Astronaut, I might still get a small tour of space in a few years, thanks to Boeing.

By the year 2015, Boeing plans to offer commercial space tours in the CST-100 (Crew Space Transportation-100) low-orbit flights. The flights will be operated in conjunction with Space Adventures. They’ll carry seven passengers about 62 miles above the surface of the Earth. The ships are already being developed with the help of NASA. The vehicles could even be used to transport visitors to and from various space habitats that are rumored to be under development.

We are excited about the potential to offer flights on Boeing’s spacecraft,” said Eric Anderson, co-founder and chairman of Space Adventures. “With our customer experience and Boeing’s heritage in human spaceflight, our goal is not only to benefit the individuals who fly to space, but also to help make the resources of space available to the commercial sector by bringing the value from space back to Earth.

Space Adventures has already flown seven spaceflight participants (during eight missions) to the International Space Station. It’s not so far-fetched to realize that we really can head out in a space shuttle in the very near future!

Tweets From Space

This time it really is true: an astronaut has tweeted while in outer space! According to a news release posted a little while ago by NASA, astronauts aboard the International Space Station received a special software upgrade this week – personal access to the Internet and the World Wide Web via the ultimate wireless connection.

This personal Web access, called the Crew Support LAN, takes advantage of existing communication links to and from the station and gives astronauts the ability to browse and use the Web. The system will provide astronauts with direct private communications to enhance their quality of life during long-duration missions by helping to ease the isolation associated with life in a closed environment.

Previously, the astronauts had to email their tweets back to Earth, which would then be posted to Twitter by someone on the ground. With the advent of the new Crew Support LAN, they can tweet in real-time, just like you and I can!

Think back just a few years ago. Did it seem possible that we would have people sending tweets while they were in space? I don’t know about you, but things like this have always seemed to be some far-off possibility that “might” happen “someday”. How cool is it that someday is here… and we are witness to it?!

Why I Love Flying Virgin America Airlines

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I recently flew on Virgin America airlines, for a trip to California. Traveling life doesn’t get much better than this, I’m telling you.

I had access to wireless Internet. I was able to watch some television via Hulu and even keep an eye on my Email. There was a USB plugin and a regular AC outlet right at my fingertips. Heck – I even had a nice glass of wine! The seats were actually comfy, and I had enough room for myself and my stuff.

Packing for a trip is another matter all together. I don’t check bags, so I have to figure out a way to fit everything I might need into a carry-on. The “personal item” is always a laptop bag filled with assorted tech gadgets, cables and paraphernalia, of course. Being a dude, it’s easy for me to pack light when it comes to clothing. Being a geek, it’s difficult to whittle down the gizmos I will need at any given moment of a trip.

Getting through airport security sucks – we all know this. However, I’ve gotten it nailed down to an art form now. I know to pull my laptop or tablet out of the case prior to putting it on the belt. I don’t wear baggy clothing. I don’t have anything in my pockets that I wouldn’t want the guards to ask about. I know better than to attempt to bring anything fun or questionable on the flight with me. I smile at the guards and acknowledge them as I walk through the metal detector, letting them know I appreciate that they have a job to do. These tips may not seem like much, but I haven’t been pulled aside for a dreaded pat-down yet.

Can you think of a better way to travel? Leave me a follow-up comment, and let me know what your favorite way of travel is. Which airline do you prefer, and why? Do you even fly? Personally, I love to fly and I love to travel. Virgin America has it going on!

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