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Gnomedex Goes Hollywood

It hasn’t been but a week since Gnomedex 6.0 activities came to a close, but Ponzi and I have already been thinking about the next Gnomedex conference. We’ve received feedback from countless Gnomedexers, including positive reinforcement and constructive suggestions. I’ve dropped hints as to the location of Gnomedex 7, and I believe it’s safe to tell you that we’re thinking about bringing ‘er to… Hollywood. Thanks in large part to our active participants, Gnomedex has reveled in “new” media constructs for several years – so now it’s time to jump start that conversation with “traditional” media. With Dave Dederer and Ethan Kaplan leading two of our more popular sessions, and with several videobloggers asking “where’s the beef,” we’re going to take our tech roots to where they could matter most to lifestyles outside the echo chamber. We don’t have a venue (yet), we don’t have any sponsors (yet), and we don’t have a date (yet), but we do have a vision that we’d like you to share with us. As always, we’ll set the stage for a damn good time.