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Gnomedex 6.0: Sold Out!!!

Yes, the main room (Bay Auditorium) for Gnomedex is SOLD OUT – but the Cove, much like last year, is still available. We can still get you access to everything else! We’ve arranged to have a unidirectional audio/video feed sent to an adjacent room throughout the conference’s duration – so you can enjoy Gnomedex in person, too! This is exactly what we did last year, and everybody had a great time (in fact, Cove Gnomedexers returned this year as early registrants).

These new “Cove” passes are still $499 apiece, as we’re charged the same amount per attendee (and we have to pay more for the extra resources used). Most conferences charge attendees a higher amount for their last-minute registrations, but we value your presence more than anything – opting to keep the price the same as it has been from the time we announced Gnomedex 6.0.

25 More Seats at Gnomedex

If you wanted to “do” Gnomedex this year, I’d recommend getting your ticket now (as in today, immediately). I’ve been crunching the numbers, and it seems we have around 25 more seats available in the main hall. Once we pass this number, we’re officially SOLD OUT. We will once again open up the Cove rooms for participants at the same price, but if you wanted to be in the thick of things – you’ll want to be the main room. FWIW, last year’s Cove Gnomedexers had a great time and many of them have already signed up for Gnomedex 6.0.