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Outdoor Gadget Tech

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Traci Toguchi was in Las Vegas last week, covering CES for us. During the event, she came across a display that Eton had put together, and stopped to find out more. During this interview, Traci is talking with Jonathan Wong, who is an account executive with Eton.

Eton’s Scorpion is a very cool device. It has a solar panel on the top, and a hand-crank on the back. It will help you stay connected, even when no electricity is available. This is perfect for the Geek who loves to go hiking, for instance, but doesn’t want to disconnect from the grid. There’s also a digital radio tuner, and an audio line input, allowing you to play external music devices.

Eton also has a couple of new gadgets available that will help you out… and the Red Cross. The Solar-Powered AM/FM/Weatherband Portable Radio with Flashlight and Cell Phone Charger is a great little gadget. A portion of each sale goes to the Red Cross when you buy these! There is also a high-powered LED flashlight for safety available, as well.

Thanks again to Traci for doing such a fantastic job of covering CES for us! Thanks to Daynah for the camera work during recording, and much thanks to Creative for sending Traci a Vado 3 to use while in Vegas!

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Solar Power Battery Charger

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Aside from communicating with the opposite sex, what is a Geek’s greatest fear? I’d have to say it would be the fear of losing power! We are always worried about our batteries dying just when we need them most! Due to this, I spent a bit of my own money to buy a Solio Universal Solar Hybrid Charger. That’s right… it can charge from the Sun!! It also has a proprietary cable (ARGH!) that you can use, as well, in case you happen to live where the Sun never shines.

I can use the Solio to charge any number of things, including my iPod. I had to buy some iGo tips to attach to the end of the cable, but it worked like a charm. The Solio, by the way, is compatible with the Universal iGo tip system for use with hundreds of different portable electronics. I can leave the Solio sitting on a windowsill in order to keep it full of juice. It won’t charge as fast that way as it would if it were outside.

It takes about four hours in the Sunlight for the Solio to obtain about 2 hours worth of talk time on a cell phone! So, 5 minutes will give me about 15% of battery life. That’s not too bad, eh? What a great (and economic!) way to charge things!!

I will absolutely be carrying this with me from now on. If I happen to run out of battery, I will hopefully be able to find my way to the Sun!

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Mobile Stocking Stuffers

Every year, I struggle to find great stocking stuffers for Ponzi. My fiancee is difficult to shop for, despite what she claims. It’s frustrating, but every year I manage to pull it off without showering her in chocolate (which never gets consumed, anyway). I’ve tried little books, but they remain unread. I’ve tried arts and crafts, but they never get assembled. Geeks are so much easier to shop for!

My wish list of “wants” and “needs” is rather extensive, but I just added six Proporta items to it tonight. Expect even more gift suggestions (and accompanying links) in the coming weeks. Who wouldn’t want these?

These recommendations aren’t linked through any affiliate program, by the way – I make them because I’m sure you’re struggling to find something for that special geeky someone, too.