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How Would You Spend Your Last Hour?

You have just been told that your life will end in sixty minutes. How do you spend that last hour? I can’t help but think about what it is that I would do if I knew I had only an hour left to live. Would I call everyone I love to say goodbye? Would I cuddle with my beloved pets? Would I take a relaxing soak in the Jacuzzi and let the Grim Reaper take me the way I came in to the world – naked and wet?

In reality, I think I’d do my best to leave my mark on the world in those final moments. I’d like to believe that I could come up with something profound to say – some type of important advice to leave behind. There are plenty of things floating around in my noggin that have never been said or written down. Taking that last hour to get them out there for others to learn from would be a pretty cool way to wind down life.

Then again – why the hell are we waiting until our final hour to share our brain with the masses? Why aren’t we out there doing it every hour of every day?

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Top Social Media News

The turn of the year brought some big news in social media along with some seriously lame memes. Facebook has effectively killed MySpace. In the last month, we have also seen the emergence of lawsuits based on the use of social media, and brands using social media to leverage consumers using contests for a more active level of engagement, though not entirely effectively.

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What social media news has caught your attention the most this year?