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Mean People Suck

Just when I was getting ready to tell you all about how the Internet was an amazing people connector, I received this email from an anonymous asshole:


What have you been up to lately? Coddling a bunch of losers while you drink wine out of single serving 187 ml bottles? You claim you are an “Entrepenuer”, a “Tech Addict”, as well as an “Idea Evangelist”, amongst other things. The truth is, you are a joke. You are marketing yourself as some form of celebrity, when in fact you are an ugly, self serving dullard who is attempting to gleam fame from a bunch of internet using toddlers. Furthermore, your comments are usually similar to the ramblings of a lobotimized turd deep in psychosis.

I really have to hand it to you. You really are making something of yourself. Of course, I mean if “making something of yourself” is making a eating utensil out of a piece of fecal matter.
You are a loser, a joke, your website is slow and unresponsive due to your ignorance, and your capacity to drink alcohol is akin to the ability of a dead rodent.


-Chris Pirillo

P.S. I will retain this email address for my own amusement, no matter if you choose to ignore my input or even prove that you are a pussy and block this email address from futher correspondence.


Oh, I see – so I get called a p**** even though it’s quite clear that I don’t hide my identity. Right. Actually, I’ve gotta hand it to him: “lobotimized turd deep in psychosis” was quite poetic. No matter, I just thought I’d share my troll with the rest of the world.