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Put Snakes on a Page!

I had another dumb idea. Jake and Shayne figured out how to do it (NSFW): How to put motherf*cking snakes on a motherf*cking page.

The first time I saw SoaP, the audience was lively. The second time I saw SoaP (last night with Flex), the audience was small and reserved. It is imperative that you experience this film with full audience participation – otherwise, it’s simply not worth the money. I’m already planning a SoaP party when the DVD is released. Are there any SoaP mobs in Seattle?

My Snakelines

When the cop drops in from above: “This movie is already hanging by a thread!”

When Kim is about to bash the cop’s skull: “Not the face, not the face!”

After Kim bashes the cop’s skull: “Oh, that’s going to leave a mark!”

When Sean see’s Kim’s henchmen through the peephole: “I didn’t order any Chinese!”

When Neville Flynn throws the can of Red Bull on the table: “Dude, you should’ve recycled!”

When the smarmy co-pilot starts walking up the stairs: “Well, there’s went the first snake!”

The first time time Mercedes says her dog’s name: “No, that’s Ashley!”

When the young couple make their way to the bathroom: “Give her your snake!”

When the female passenger goes to throw up in the barf bag and the snake bites her tongue: “Now you have Cottonmouth!”

When the snake jumps out of the toilet: “If you shake it more than twice, you’re playing with it!”

When the snake crawls out of the woman’s blouse and bites her in the eye: “Snake eyes!”

When Claire watches the can roll across the floor: “We’ve got CANS!”

When Neville and Sean are in the first class galley alone, Sean asks why he can’t go downstairs: “Because you’re a bad actor!”

Just before the asshole throws the Mary Kate at the burmese python: “Throw the dog! Throw the dog!”

When the young mother extracts venom from the little boy’s arm: “Suck, suck, suck!”

When Neville Flynn asks Julianna Margulies if there’s anything about her he doesn’t know: “Yeah, she’s a man!”

Rocky Horror Picture Snakes

I think we have a new cult classic on our hands. How long do you give the world until an official audience participation script becomes available for Snakes on a Plane? I must see this movie.

“Snakes on a Plane became an Internet phenomenon soon after Josh Friedman’s blog entry and mentions on several Internet portals. The title inspired bloggers to create songs, apparel, poster art, pages of fan fiction, parody films, mock movie trailers and even Short film parody competitions. Snakes on a Plane has also inspired the creation of graphics for fictional movies about other animals in odd settings.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a new RHPS on our hands.