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How to Communicate With Others

When was the last time you actually made a phone call for no other reason than to simply talk to someone? How long ago was it that you sat down and wrote a letter to send through the postal service? These forms of communication were the way we connected with others for many MANY years, and they are apparently a dying art form these days. I admit that I haven’t done either of these things in far longer than I can really remember. There are just too many other ways for me to get ahold of someone, do business with them or reach out to make a connection.

Why would we send a hand-written missive and pay money for a stamp, only to have it arrive several days later – if at all? We can sign into our email program of choice, type out our thoughts and have the completed message show up in the other party’s inbox within seconds… for “free” (not counting the cost you already shell out for your Internet connection).

Even though most of us have cell plans which include unlimited calling (or at least during nights and weekends), it’s still easier to use other means of speaking with others. I’m sitting at my computer working most of the day, so it’s just simpler to click that button on Skype when I need to hear another person’s voice. Heck, I’ll admit it: I don’t much like having to voice chat anyway. If there is business communication to be done, I prefer handling it via email. This allows me to keep track of the prior portions of a conversation for future reference. It also lets me be in control of when I reply.

Using voice communication can actually be a burden. As I just mentioned, you have the burden of being “on” during every moment of a conversation. Your attention shouldn’t wander… you need to focus right then and there. If you’re buried in a project, having to stop and take calls can be a huge downer. With an email, you can put off your response until you have the time to dedicate to the person trying to get your attention.

How do you talk to others? I have a feeling that social networks will actually be near the top of the list for many of you out there, along with email and VOiP services.

The Future of Mail

One caller the other night was ringing me all the way from Denmark. He is a mailman in his home town, and wondered what my thoughts are about the future of traditional post offices. It’s something interesting to think about. With technology advancing more every day, people don’t want pieces of paper lying around.

The most frustrating thing for me is to see the cost of postage going up all of the time. I’ll buy a book of stamps one day. It seems like within just a few weeks those stamps aren’t enough anymore. It’s frustrating.

The new Forever stamps may help with this. They just recently went on sale at your local U.S. post office. Research has shown that customers prefer the Forever stamp for the convenience it offers by easing the transition for mailing letters when prices change. When postage changes in the future, it will reduce the need to buy one- and two-cent stamps.

If it were up to me, I’d conduct all of my business online and reduce the need to have any pieces of paper lying around. Not only would I be saving some trees, I’d also be saving some clutter in my house.

What about you? What do you feel will happen with traditional snail mail in the coming years?

Change of Address

We have new snail mail addresses – par for the course. Let’s start with changing our American Express account…

Our System is Not Responding. You may experience intermittent delays. We apologize for this inconvenience. While we are working to correct the problem, you can: Try again by hitting the Back, Refresh or Reload buttons on your web browser; Try your request again later today. If you are trying to make a payment, you can pay via telephone by calling 1-800-472-9297. Thank you.

Crap. Okay, let’s just move on to Comcast…

Comcast is currently upgrading its systems. As a result, the feature you have requested is temporarily unavailable. Our Customer Service Representatives have no additional information at this time. They will not be able to assist you with this matter during the upgrade. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please check back shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Oh, jeez.