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The iPod touch Screen Needs a Cleaner

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If you are under the belief that the new iPod touch 4th gen is made of the same material as the iPhone 4, you’d better think again. The iPod touch does not have an oleophobic screen. While the iPhone will certainly get a few little smudges on its screen at the end of the day, the iPod touch is just “ewwww” after only a few moments.

An oleophobic screen is one that resists fingerprints and smudging. I cannot stand to see things show up on my device screens, which is why I normally use a screen protector. Using my iPhone 4 for an entire day without a screen protector of any type resulted in far fewer prints than I expected. The iPod touch was a different story.

I dare you to try and clean the iPod touch with a soft cloth like you would your phone. Go ahead, I’ll wait while you “clean” it… and make it worse than it was to begin with.

Not easy to do, is it? The screen on the iPod is ridiculous in my opinion. I cannot begin to think of any word to describe it other than “icky.”

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