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Android Text Message Bug

The newly discovered SMS bug in Android sure makes “Antennagate” look like it was much ado about nothing. This interesting little snafu will have you sending messages to the wrong contacts. Think about it for a moment – this could be disastrous, depending on who your intended message ends up going to. This issue has been going on for about six months already, so why are we just hearing about it?

On the Android Developer’s Forum, this issue is rated as “Priority – Medium.” MEDIUM? Seriously? Let’s say you called off of work today and want to brag to your BFF about it – but your Android device wings the message to your boss, instead. How fun would that be? I can only imagine all sorts of scenarios in which this wouldn’t be good.

The problem is perhaps not only limited to Android, though. My assistant Kat is a proud iPhone 4 user, and tells me that she’s had this happen on her phone at times, as well… both with the 4th gen and the 3GS she had up until late October. Could this issue be something that just sometimes happens on all operating systems?

This is a very serious issue that Google seems to have been ignoring for the past six months. For a flagship mobile OS capturing such a big market in such a short space of time, this reluctance to acknowledge and fix such a critical issue reflects badly on Google’s stewardship of the Android platform.

Have you ever had this occur on your device? What phone and operating system are you using? Has anyone been able to help resolve the problem?

How to Send SMS Text Messages to Groups of Friends

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So what is Tatango? It’s a free site that allows you to text message umpteen-billion people at once. Standard texting rates will apply, of course. If you have something important to say, why not tell everyone all at once?

There are some other nifty little features as well. For instance, you can broadcast your group messages on a site like Facebook or Twitter – but only if you want to! You can use this for business, to quickly and efficiently get a message to everyone on your team. Oh, and did I mention you don’t even need a phone to send the messages? Oh no – you can send them to your group right from your computer!

One other cool feature is that a keyword allows anyone to join your group from their cell phone. For example: there is now a Geeks group! If you want to join that group and receive all the messages from the people in it, simply text the word GEEKS to 68398 to get started! Or alternately, you can head over to Geeks Text Group to join up.
There’s no easier way of sending one SMS to several people. Try out Tatango today!

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How to Send Free SMS Text Messages on the iPhone or iPod

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Hopefully within a few weeks, InfiniteSMS will be available in iTunes. That will allow you to send free SMS messages from your iPhone or iPod Touch. The App isn’t free, but the texts you send from it will be. Once the App has been released, I will be doing a giveaway where you can win this App for yourself! I have 30 codes to give away!

It’s really easy to use. Once you’ve entered your Google credentials, press the “New SMS” button. Then, key in any number you want to send a message to. Type your message – and send it! You will receive SMS replies free, as well! Messages won’t show up on your phone bill!!

You can send messages for free to any number within the US – even if you are traveling outside of the US at the time you send it! Messages are sent and received through Google using the Google Talk service. Your friend must respond. To prevent spam, Google may block you from sending to someone if they don’t respond after a couple of messages.

Now, as I said, I have 30 of these to give away. In order to win, all you need to do is to go to Twitter and send the following:

@chrispirillo I love sending SMS! http://go.tagjag.com/SMS

That’s it. If you want to be one of the winners of this App as soon as it’s available, send that tweet!

jordannott: I love sending SMS! Http://Go.tagjag.com/SMS

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CannonGod: While you&#39re discussing SMS I wanted to mention a free Twitter SMS service for Europeans called: http://twe2.com

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How to Get Emoji Emoticons in iPhone SMS Messages Easily

Hat tip to iJustine (and Brent for letting me know):

  1. Buy http://go.tagjag.com/emoji in iTunes (.99c)
  2. Install and click through any story in the app.
  3. Go navigate through the iPhone’s Settings: General | International | Keyboards | Japanese | toggle Emoji to on
  4. SMS emoji graphics to anyone else who uses an iPhone – just click the globe symbol that should now appear in the SMS keyboard!

iPhone Emoji.jpg

There’s also a way to do this for free (but in my estimation, it’s easier to just spend .99c on the app that’ll do it for you automatically). This should get the emoticons on your iPhone SMS messages.

Top 10 Things that Twitter Can Do

According to nobody, here are the top ten things that Twitter can do:

  • Balance the national budget
  • Detect the presence of anthrax
  • Bullseye womprats
  • Lower your mortgage payment
  • Find lost pets
  • Forge a parent’s signature
  • Slice bread (NOTE: rye only)
  • Debbie
  • Set us up the bomb
  • Cure cancer

Okay, so maybe some items are a bit of a stretch, but given the amount of (positive and negative) attention, you’d think something so simple was doing something truly radical. Here’s the podcast of twenty twitterers tweeting on why Twitter is (or is not) the second coming.

Instant SMS Friend Updates via Twitter.com

I did something I haven’t done in a while – opened up the toll-free line (1-888-PIRILLO) to enable you to record your thoughts on the latest Internet addiction, Twitter. According to the unofficial wiki:

Twitter is a way of life. It’s living with a publicity policy. It’s friends, Romans and country people the world over engaged in timely snippet conversations that fit into 140 character chunks.

According to the official site:

When you send Twitter a mobile text (SMS), it gets sent out to your group of friends and also saves to your Twitter page. Your friends might not have phone alerts turned on so they might check your web page instead. Likewise, you receive your friends mobile updates on your phone.

And according to my wife, Ponzi:

OMG! Thanks to Twitter, we now owe Cingular $1,402 for the month of March!!!

According to the rest of the world, Twitter… well, why don’t you just listen to what Twitter is (according to some of its users)?

Twitter: It's pissing me off!

Okay, yeah – so I’m kinda getting twitterpissed. There are a few people in twitterland who I thought were real-life friends, and even though my twitterings are at a minimum, and even though I had already added them as friends, they aren’t reciprocating. WTF is up with that? http://twitter.com/chrispirillo isn’t that difficult to find.

Not a minute goes by when I don’t see someone talking about twitter, so let’s just try to make this semi-interesting. I finally have 1-888-PIRILLO (1-888-747-4556) set up to ring directly to voice mail, so…

  • Pick up a phone (or Skype)
  • Punch in 1-888-7474-556 (1-888-PIRILLO)
  • State your name and URL
  • Answer today’s question: Do you love / hate Twitter, and why?

Anybody and everybody can participate. I’ll string together the voicemails and post ’em as soon as I have a few in the stack. C’mon, talk to us. I’ll ask a completely different question tomorrow.

BTW, Ponzi had added ~20 twitterfriends before she added me as a friend (and I only discovered she had a Twitter account after Jeff Barr IM’ed me about it). Great. Now “twitter” is a freakin’ part of our home vocabulary.

Is Free SMS Free?

Lockergnomie Rob Vonderhaar agrees with me on SMS, although I think we’re fighting a losing battle with it. I must admit, I found it rather handy when Google Maps SMS’ed my phone with a business address (and its phone number) to which I needed to navigate.

Saw that you posted my feedback this morning about Verizon and the use of “free” SMS to support the Treo700’s AUTD (always-up-to-date) feature. The only thing I’d call to your attention is that my diatribe was a bit old and this entire issue is now academic, at least for the Treo700, since VZW *finally* shipped an upgrade to the phone’s software that includes the Microsoft MSFP features. With MSFP, I now have true “push” email that doesn’t use the SMS kludge to trigger syncing of new messages.

I just wouldn’t want Treo700 owners to be confused into believing they still need SMS or to think “that dummy Rob — doesn’t he know that MSFP solves his problem?” That said, the stupid AUTD remains the only answer for owners of the XV6700 and other WM5 devices for which VZW still hasn’t shipped MSFP.

By the way, I totally agree with you re. SMS. I’ve never seen the attraction in it, although a bunch of people in my company use it regularly. If it’s important, why not just actually CALL me to discuss it? Or alternatively, just drop me a quick email (which I also receive on my Treo), or IM me (both AIM and MSN messenger clients run on my Treo as well). Seems like its the teenagers that live on SMS – it’s so funny to watch them all SMS’ing even in the same room sometimes!