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A Scatter-Brained Hard Drive Will Slow Your Computer

If your computer is slow, it might not be malware. Hackers and cybercriminals are much more sophisticated these days. They want your machine to be running well. It helps to avoid detection and they want your computer to be efficient for their own purposes. For example, the hackers may want efficient computers to spew out spam in their bot network.

One of the reasons that the computer may be slow is that the hard drive becomes more and more fragmented. To simplify the concept, it means that the data needed for each file is spread over the hard drive. It becomes necessary for the hard drive to search for the pieces of the program and the computer appears to function slowly. The problem can be solved with defragmenting the hard drive. In effect, this boosts the performance of the hard drive and allows it to work more efficiently. It contributes to the overall health of the hard drive.

Most operating systems supplies a utility to defrag a hard drive. For example, Microsoft includes a defragmentation process. It will comes as no surprise that not all defragmentation processes are the same. We recommend PerfectDisk 11:

“PerfectDisk 11’s patented Advanced SMARTPlacement is an intelligent file placement strategy that organizes files according to usage patterns and eliminates most fragmentation before it happens. It also results in faster defrag passes, quicker server boots, slower refragmentation, reduced resource consumption and improved overall performance. File, application and directory data can be placed on the drive according to your specific requirements for even faster system performance and file access.”

It works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. And, from April 8 to April 16, 2010, our readers have a twenty percent discount on this excellent program. When purchasing, please use coupon code: PDLOCKER.

There are a number of reasons why we are recommending PerfectDisk 11. However, if you are wondering why we are recommending something that is offered already with the operating system, the answer is that it is simply better. For example, copy/paste is one function that Microsoft has offered since from the beginning. Nevertheless, it can be greatly improved. Undoubtedly, you have wanted to copy something and keep that along with the next bit of text that is copied. This just illustrates how basic efficiency can be improved.

PerfectDisk 11 is an award-winning program. It is what should have been included with your operating system but wasn’t. As our readers know, we remind you to backup your data for security reasons. Here is a program to help take care of that hard drive better and boost the performance of your computer. The difference between PerfectDisk 11 and what comes with your operating system is significant. You will want it on all your machines.