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Free Shipping Offer on Slingbox

One of the pieces of hardware that I love the most is my Slingbox. A Slingbox is a device that allows you watch and control your television through the Internet. With the Slingbox Solo, you can easily control one DVR, cable set-top box or satellite receiver. The Slingbox Pro-HD gives you the same great features and ease of use as the Slingbox SOLO with the benefit of multiple inputs, a built-in TV tuner, and a true-to-life HD viewing experience.

I have the app for my iPhone and my iPad. I use it often, whether I’m in my office or traveling somewhere without a cumbersome television handy. I keep up with my favorite shows, no matter where I may be. And let me tell you – the iPad screen works beautifully for this purpose. My shows look better on there than they do on many television sets.

Our friends at Slingbox have decided to set up a special offer for our community. From now until December 31, 2010, you will receive free shipping when you purchase either Slingbox. Simply use the coupon code: slingpirillo when you check out.