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Home Office Tour in Google SketchUp

Jack has been a busy little bee. He’s been playing around with Google SketchUp, and managed to create a fairly decent sketch of my home office.

According to McCall and Associates, “SketchUp is the finest (and most innovative) tool available for anyone designing anything from coffee pots to skyscrapers.” Use it to redecorate a room in your home before spending money on things that end up looking horrible. Create a model of your city for Google Earth. The only limit to what you can create with SketchUp is your own imagination.

You can build models from scratch or download what you need to get started. People all over the world share what they’ve made on the Google 3D Warehouse, and the hope is that you’ll share your creations, as well.

If you’ve made something cool using SketchUp, why not share it with the rest of the community?

How to Sketch Like a Pro

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I purchased the Harmonious Sketchpad app for my iPhone AND my iPad after seeing someone demonstrate it. I love to pretend I’m an artist by creating something unique and fun, and this app is one of the best I’ve found to help me do this. The touch interface is very intuitive, allowing you to interact with the same elements as found on the web.

I can’t believe how easy it was to create something very cool looking in less than three minutes. You’ll find so many features inside the app that you’ll be shocked you only had to pay a buck for it. Change between sketchy, shaded, squares and any number of other styles. It’s impressive, for sure.

With a few simple brush strokes and a touch-screen to use… you can bring your ideas to life in a harmonious fashion. I’m not an artist by any stretch of the imagination, but using this app allows me to create.

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iMockups for the iPad

Developers are going to want this app for their iPad. If you weren’t planning to buy an iPad, this app alone could very well change your mind. You already carry around some type of notebook to sketch out your ideas for the next must-have iPhone or iPad app, right? Using this app on your shiny new iPad will make your life easier, methinks.

iMockups is going to make it much easier for you to create wireframes and layouts for the iPad or iPhone – and for web apps. Any project can have multiple sketchbook pages associated with it, and developers can quickly add elements from a pad at the side of the screen. If arms hurt from carrying around a clunky machine, this app (combined with the iPad itself) could be exactly what your chiropractor ordered.

Credit to TUAW for discovering this app first.

Give a Sketch, Get a Sketch

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Do you doodle? I do – I’ve always been a doodler. I can draw my own caricature, and my dogs. That’s about it though. If you like to sketch, you may be interested in a pretty cool website I found – Sketch Swap.

When you first get to the website, you aren’t going to see much of anything. That’s because in order to see the sketches of others, you must first submit one of your own! Let’s say you’re not interested in what someone else has sketched. Heck, maybe you can’t sketch anything to save your life.

In that case, you may be interested in the sister site, which is Sketchory. There are currently over 250,000 drawings there that have been submitted via Sketch Swap.

There are some really good artists out there! You’ll be quite surprised at what you see. You can view the picture as it is, or view it as an animation! See it being “drawn” right before your very eyes, so that you can learn.

You can help add tags to sketches you come across, discover more drawings, or just browse through thousands of pictures.

Let the artist inside of you be known! Submit your sketches and look for something you can learn to draw!

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Ponzi's Garbage Pail Kids

Ponzi’s going to be a Garbage Pail Kid!!! Yes, you all know my fascination with Garbage Pail Kids (even though I’m still mising Bonus Card B5, COLE Gate). A few weeks ago, I emailed Luis Diaz with a small request: that he create a GPK incorporating Ponzi’s two names (well, “Ponzi” is just her nickname – with Latthanapon being her birth name). You see, as I was going through ANS5, she lamented that they never have any GPKs with her name on them. I thought: “Let me see if I can commission an artist to surprise her.” Sure enough, Luis will create a GPK just for you (different options at different prices). He whipped up this sketch:

Pencil Sketch - Ponzi GPK - Garbage Pail Kid - Piercing PONZI and Lust-Upon LATTHANAPON

This will be made into two separate cards: Piercing PONZI and Lust-Upon LATTHANAPON. And today, did a series of watercolors for us to choose from (yes, I couldn’t hold the surprise back when the original pencil GPK sketch came in). We picked the upper far right and the lower far left – which will be arriving in traditional Garbage Pail Kids sticker dimensions soon enough. This is just too cool:

Final Watercolor Copy - Ponzi GPK - Garbage Pail Kid - Piercing PONZI and Lust-Upon LATTHANAPON

These cards will be priceless! I may ask him to go back and render a full-color version of one of ’em to make it look like a genuine GPK. Maybe I’ll just commission another one? What about… WINER Diner, Noble SCOBLE, KEVIN Rosey, Scary ARRINGTON, RUBEL Yell, Tin CANTER, PIRILLO Armadillo, Messy MESSINA, or PONZI Screams? Those would be perfect giveaways at Gnomedex.