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Is Bing Coming to the iPhone?

According to a report at TechCrunch, Bing may soon be the search engine found on the iPhone. Google has held that honor since the iPhone first launched, but their relationship with Apple is strained. “There’s been speculation around Google’s future on the iPhone since last year when the first public spat broke out between the companies over the Google Voice app for the iPhone. Android’s continued gains in market share only highlight Google’s direct competition with Apple, and the fact that so many core iPhone apps, including search and maps, are controlled by Google, has been a sore point with Apple.”

There are rumors that Google has been paying a stiff fee to Apple all of this time for exclusive search engine rights and ad serving. If that is the case, I’m sure Microsoft offered a nice sum to Apple in order for them to make the switch.

Even though Steve Ballmer himself is apparently not attending WWDC, it’s likely we’ll see someone from the company on the stage during the event. It’s pretty much a given that they’ll be discussing Microsoft Office for the Mac. It’s always possible that we may get to see Silverlight on the iPad. It also now seems as though we’ll be hearing about Bing moving onto the iPhone. Like all of you, we’ll be waiting to see what announcements the conference brings.

Log In to Facebook With Style

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Not long ago, I uploaded a video where I talked briefly about the new Microsoft Silverlight 4 Beta Client for Facebook. I REALLY like this application, so I was happy that Marques wanted to do an in-depth look at this in a new screencast. This Silverlight beta really is breathtaking, and makes Facebook visually compelling. It makes me actually want to USE Facebook more often!

The interface is just plain beautiful. The actual website doesn’t look like this with the glowing buttons down the side, and the gorgeous category filters. It looks way better than the actual Facebook experience.

At the top there are more category filters, such as to allow you to filter by people. This is what really separates this application from the rest. You can really interface nicely with your Facebook without getting distracted. Yet, you will get all of the data you will ever need.

If you notice in the video, this application is very quick and loads perfectly. It also makes heavy use of all of your Facebook photos… yours and your friends’. It’s integrated with your photo albums, which is nice!

Microsoft has also enabled this client to integrate with your Facebook calendar. Lastly, you have the ability to comment and Like posts from within the application, just like you could if you were on the website itself.

Thanks, Marques for another excellent screencast! If you’re interested in submitting a screecast for our channels, shoot me an email. We’re always looking from fresh new content to promote that deals with technology or social media.

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Google Buzz Abandons Auto-Follow

Due to the public outcry against Google’s lack of concern for our privacy with the introduction of Buzz, the company has wisely chosen to nix the auto-follow feature. This comes as excellent news to most people. However, for some, the damage has already been done. The following system is now being switched to a “suggestion model”. Google will present you with a list of friends they think you’d like to follow. You get the chance to deselect them before you start using the service.

When Buzz launched four days ago, one of its selling points was that it took no work on the user’s part to get started, because Buzz would automatically follow the people you interact with most on Gmail. Their first response to the situation was to makes it easier to hide which users you are following. However, that wasn’t enough to quell the tempers of most people. Therefore, Google rolled out this newest change today.

Two other changes makes sense to me, as well. Buzz is also going to stop automatically connecting Google Reader and Picasa albums to your account. However, those options will still be available. Additionally, you can now – FINALLY – adjust your Buzz settings right from within your Gmail Settings page.

The changes today bode well for the future of Buzz, in my opinion. What do you think?

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Facebook Desktop

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Are you addicted to Facebook? I’m willing to bet a large portion of our community are Facebook fans, and hopefully fans of my page! Heck, you may even be watching this video right from Facebook, instead of on YouTube. Whether you’re a casual user of the popular social networking site, or someone who spends all of their time there, there’s a new desktop application you may just be interested in.

I’ve tried several different methods of accessing the site. I’ve logged in directly from my browser. I’ve played around with TweetDeck. But this little number is by far the best Facebook application I’ve come across! It’s not made by Facebook, no. However, it’s just… REALLY good.

This Facebook application comes to you – for free! – from Microsoft, and runs with Silverlight. Silverlight is cross-platform. If you’re not using it yet, you’re going to want to… even if only to experience this! The Silverlight Client for Facebook is in Beta form right now, and is available for developer preview.

Enjoy the photos, feeds, events, friends’ walls, and inbox mail from your Facebook account in an appealing and user-friendly environment. It really is breathtaking, and makes Facebook visually compelling. It makes me actually want to USE Facebook more often!

I can do everything with this client that I can on the actual website. It’s an extremely visual experience. I just cannot put into words how gorgeous this application is. I have to hand it to the folks in Redmond. They absolutely got it right this time!

You can even change your view. Instead of a traditional long list, you can have a grid view, which makes it easier to sort through everything. I’ve tried this both on Windows and OS X, and I am happy with the way it runs on both operating systems.

Download it. Try it. You’re going to fall in love with it.

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