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Should You Buy Pet Insurance?

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One of my dogs, Pixie, woke up this morning and seemed to be having problems with her eyes. I took her into the vet immediately, fearing the worst. Her vitals checked out, but the doctor said it’s likely either allergies or some kind of conjunctivitis.

Either way, it gives me the opportunity to tell you about something you might want to know if you’re a pet owner – pet insurance. It’s worth getting if you love your pets half as much as I love mine. Lucky for me, after looking a few options and meeting one of their liaisons at BizTechDay a few weeks back, I picked up Trupanion. Out of all the pet insurance options out there, it seemed that they were the only ones which allowed me to set my own deductable – from $0 to $1,000 (and the premiums were adjusted accordingly).

This video was posted to the YouTube channel on Sunday, and is being posted to the blog on Monday. Pixie is a little better today, but still not completely out of the woods. Still, after I take her for a follow-up visit, I’ll submit the claims to Trupanion and wait for the money to come back to me – even this quickly after getting her covered.

How do you cover costs for the unknown? As Wicket and Pixie get on in years, I have to be a lot more mindful of these unexpected vet visits (and potential prescriptions). I’d hate to get stuck in a situation where I wouldn’t be able to bail them out of… well, I don’t even want to think about losing these two.

If you’d like, please have your own pet leave a video response wishing Pixie to get well soon!

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Fighting a Cold

It’s rainy season in Seattle (we really don’t have a winter). That, combined with having black mold in our master closet upstairs, sleeping on a makeshift bed in our family room every night, and having clothes strewn about the house is not really making “home matters” any better for Ponzi and myself. The end of the month can’t come soon enough for us. Life is stressful, and our landlords aren’t making it any easier. Is anybody from Quorum listening – because if you are, YOU SUCK!

This morning, we woke up sore and a bit sniffly. It was just a matter of time before she and I came down with something. To battle this impending case of the crappies, we picked up Coldcalm and Oscillococcinum from the store this evening. I’ve been popping the Coldcalm tablets tonight, but I’m not sure they’re working. Allegedly, this homeopathic medicine will curb sneezing, runny noses, nasal congestion, minor sore throats, etc. Our bodies aren’t quite at DEFCON 2 yet, but we’d like to do as much as possible to keep from getting worse.