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Why Should You Use the URL Shortner from Google?

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Marques has created a screencast to show all of you how to make use of the newly (publicly) released Google URL shortener. Short URLs are almost a must-have these days since much of our content is shared on Twitter.

Google is aiming attempting to make their service even easier than that of Bit.ly while still bringing you many of the same features. In your Google screen, you can go back and see all of the URLs you shortened in the past as well as filtering those by hour, day, week and month. You can even see the dates these were done and how often they were clicked on.

There’s also a chronological graph of how many clicks you received at different times of the day. You’ll also be able to take a look at where people live who click your links, what browser they are using and what operating system or platoform they click from.

If you have a “target audience,” you’ll be able to make sure that your content is reaching the people you want to see it based upon who is clicking – and when.

Thanks, Marques, for another excellent screencast.

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