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How to Share URLs

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Dylan recorded this screencast for the community to pass along his favorite method of sharing website URLs quickly and easily. Shareaholic is a plugin that works with nearly every browser, and makes sharing simple.

You’ll be able to share your link with more than 100 different places with one click. You can share the pages out on places such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Mail, WordPress and many more. Add the services and sites that YOU use. Your bookmark bar will stay nice and clutter-free since you won’t have to keep track of all the places you normally click one at a time to share a link.

With Shareaholic, you can also find out the latest news as it is happening, and share it with everyone in your network. It’s a free plugin/extension, it won’t slow down your browser and it makes life a whole lot easier!

Thanks, Dylan, for sharing this awesome resource.

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