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Me in 50 Years

Me in 50 Years

@Portegno_Apps happened to tweet this earlier, better demonstrating their “Age Me” app for the iPhone. I’m a bit creeped out, but not so much that I wouldn’t share the photo with anybody.

Given that I’m approaching the ripe age of 40, I’d love to live another 50 years from today. It’ll take more than luck to make it that far – watching what I eat and keeping up some kind of aerobic / anaerobic activity will help make it happen.

I don’t like to work out. Isn’t that some form of “resistance training?”

How Do you Teach People about Hardware and Software?

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One of our community members writes: “Hey Chris, jthermane24 from the chat room. Here are my top tips for helping those who are “technically challenged” to learn.”

  • Be calm and talk slow. Seniors and the technological illiterate will NOT know all the shortcuts that we geeks know and live by. Most likely, it will take them three times as long to do the simple tasks that we can do in five seconds. Talking slow and loudly (for seniors) will make this process much easer for them and less stressful for you. Be prepared to explain the same thing multiple times. This will mostly apply to seniors because they often have problems hearing. So always talk VERY slow.
  • Having a preprepared list of steps to read from will make the process of teaching easier. Just type them or even write them up. It will make the speed of the session go so much faster, because you won’t have to sit there and stare at the screen with that blank stare that we get when we forget stuff.
  • When you are done showing the “student” what they asked you to teach them, ask them to use their computer to make a step-by-step instruction manual. Use the print screen button to take a screen capture of each page as you show them again how to do whatever they asked. Keep a text document running in the background, and then just copy each screen capture into the document. After you have finished the task, use the simple drawing tools to circle the icons, drop down lists, or whatever they have to click on for that step. Put each picture on its own page and include text (use at least 20 size font).
  • Now with new technology, there is the ability to screen record. Simply install a simple screen recording software (such as CamStuido) and record the steps to a video file… then embed your voice over it.


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Elders vs. Seniors

Admittedly, we were hoping to catch the attention of the senior elder blogging community with yesterday’s comic. A-List Elderblogger, Ronni Bennett, made note of the gag – and in doing so, suggested that we use the word “elder” instead of “senior” to describe her demographic. There must be some kind of cultural baggage that comes along with the “senior” term, though it’s the only one I’ve ever known. Is “elder” the new norm? I’d really like to know, as I do respect my elders – and I don’t want to offend them with outdated labels. Steve Garfield’s mom blogs, too! This online universe ain’t just for the young – but the young at heart, as well.