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Is Hindsight a Good Thing?

Hindsight is always 20/20 or so they say. Once you have lived through an experience, you can look back and clearly see the situation. You’re able to think of ways you may have been able to change the outcome or handled yourself differently. Often, you may long for a simple do-over, knowing in your heart of hearts that it will never happen. I’m not going to sit here and preach at you about never looking back and only focusing on the future. I happen to believe that looking back – with proper perspective – can be a good thing.

Every experience in your life – good and bad – shaped you into the person you are right now. The ways in which you dealt with these moments reflect on who you are and will become as you move down your life’s road. If you take a look back in time with an open mind and an honest eye, you will find many places you should have done things differently. The thing to keep in mind is that you didn’t necessarily do anything wrong the first time around.

As I said, every experience changes you and causes you to grow. The things you consider to be correct or right today may vary greatly from what was acceptable ten years ago – or even ONE year ago – in your own mind. Reflecting on how you could have done something differently – and why you feel you perhaps should have – can make you much more self-aware. You’ll begin to learn things about the way your own mind works, and be forced to really evaluate who you are. The best part is that if you find you don’t like a certain aspect of yourself in the here and now, there’s always time to make some adjustments. As long as you are completely honest with YOU, you have the power to alter the way you do and see things in this life.

Dwelling on the past is bad, we all know this. But taking a peek back and using what we find to re-evaluate ourselves at this point in life can be pretty sweet, indeed. How often do you look back?

Increase Self-Awareness with Word Games

Have you ever tried to describe yourself in six words or less? It’s not as easy to do as one might think… if you’re honest about it. This is actually an excellent exercise to help raise your self-awareness. Even if you don’t want to share your words with the rest of us, I urge you to sit down and try this. There is one “rule” for this little game: You cannot use words such as “friendly” or even “fun.” I want you to really dig deep. What words do you honestly feel tell who you really ARE?

Becoming more self-aware allows us to be confident in our strengths. It also helps us to think more about what our weaknesses are. We can then figure out what we need to do to improve those areas of ourselves that we may not be completely happy with.

Go ahead – tell us which six words best describe you!

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