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Windows 7 Security

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I took several live calls earlier tonight to talk to people in the community about Windows 7. I wanted to get their honest reactions – find out what they love and hate. One of the calls was with my assistant, Kat. She’s been a Microsoft MVP in the area of Windows Security for over four years now, and has been considered an Expert in the malware removal community for about seven years. We talked a bit about the security side of Windows 7, and her take on the new operating system in general.

Kat and her fiancee, Mike, have been using Windows 7 for quite awhile. Being an MVP, she gets to help beta test versions sooner than many “normal” users would get to. From the very start, she’s been excited and happy about this new version of Windows. Kat feels it’s much more secure out of the box, even without added protection software. However, she reminds us all that even expert users need to use security programs, such as an anti-virus and firewall. Many of the old security bugs found in earlier versions of Windows have been addressed, and Microsoft is much closer to making a completely secure operating system than they ever have been.

A few of the chatters in our live channel asked her about Microsoft Security Essentials. Kat praised it highly. It has good detection rates, is light on resources, and just plain works. She’s still hesitant to say it’s the “best” there is, and I’d have to agree with that. However, it IS very good, and something she recommends to people.

We talked a little about different features and functions found within Windows 7. I have to ask… what’s YOUR favorite features, and why? What do you love about Win 7? Is there even anything you don’t love? I sure haven’t found any on my end.

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