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Seattle Dinner at Black Pearl

Dinner Entry

@chrispirillo going in for some delicious @BlackPearlSEA pot ... on Twitpic

It’s another Seattle Tweetup! Thought I’d show you a snapshot of what’s on the menu for tonight.

This particular event is being hosted by BlackPearlSEA, NorthESea and Seattle_Events. I was too busy eating to write much, but Northeast Seattle Life has a nom-nopsis. Contributions for the event were provided by: BlackPearlSEA, NWTotemCellars and GRLakeWine.

Also in attendance:

  • @tarynmiller
  • @JenKMiller
  • @MyPartini
  • @bananablossom
  • @posiegirl
  • @colbyjn
  • @hnlmark
  • @chefamadeus
  • @belvoir

Event for Seattle Nonprofits and Techies

Seattle Net Tuesday is putting together a social mixer for techies and nonprofits in the Greater Seattle area. The event will be held on Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 from 6:00pm – 8:30pm at the Taphouse Grill in Bellevue. The event coordinators hope to match altruistic techies in Greater Seattle with the nonprofits who need their cutting-edge skills.

If you’re a nonprofit who could use an extreme technology makeover in social media, Website design, software training, graphic design, mobile marketing or database management, this exclusive mixer is for you! If you’re a techie who can partner with these nonprofits to find low-cost technical solutions to social issues affecting us all, this mixer is for you!

To RSVP your spot and get directions, visit the Eventbrite Page.

SNT is all volunteer-run, just like similar Net Tuesday groups across the world, all affiliated to NetSquared (a project of TechSoup) a nonprofit in San Francisco, CA. These groups are all motivated by a single mission – to bring together people who want to use technology in the cause of social change.

Let me know if you plan to attend this event. It’ll be interesting to see how many people in our community are interested in events like these.

Seattle Wine Time!

Washington Wines are tasty!

Seattle Wine Time

  • Tried @LatahCreekWine at #WAMerlot: very light, very smooth. Scrumdiddlyumptious!
  • Tried “Shameless Hussy” @hardrow at #WAMerlot: sexy; it’s nibbling my tongue.
  • Tried ’07 “Traditions” @milbrantvino at #WAMerlot: very cherry, calm splash against my twaste buds.
  • Tried “Reserve” @MaryhillWinery at #WAMerlot: it’s like a summer day picnic without humidity or ants. Thanks, @SeaWineOutlet!
  • Tried ’03 @wilridge at #WAMerlot: an isosceles triangle outlined with mistletoe. It’s a left-handed mathematician.
  • Tried ’07 @HestiaCellars at #WAMerlot: A Soda Popinski body blow to my Glass Joe palate.
  • Tried ’07 @PepperBridge at #WAMerlot: cheeky little bastard, this one. A bit manic, bordering on wallflower. Twasty!

I had a fantastic time at the “WA Merlot” tweetup, as you can tell from the above tweets (posted in real-time through my Twitter account and recorded here for posterity)!

When Will Your Bus Arrive?

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During our open mic session at Gnomedex last August, Bill Corrigan came on stage to talk about OneBusAway. This website was built by some students at the University of Washington who were tired of always missing their bus. You can search for bus stops near your location, and it will give you not only where they are… but also tell you how much time until the next one departs! Never miss your bus again!

Right now, this website only works for King County, in the great state of Washington! But who knows? Perhaps it will branch out one day to include your city!

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Seattle Twitter

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Seattle Social Central is a website I recently helped to launch in partnership with my friends at 20 Decibels – a Seattle company developing social media tools. The new site is an aggregator for all of the tweets coming in, around and through people and businesses in the Seattle area. Even if you don’t live here, I’d like you to take a look at this and give us your feedback. If this works well for Seattle, we’re considering creating the site for cities all over the world!

With the network, you have the ability to categorize people and contacts. You’ll find categories for nearly everything, from social meda experts to photographers to bakers! We’re also rendering certa data inline. For instance, if someone posts a photo onto Twitter, you don’t have to click a link to see it. Our network will pull the thumbnail in for you!

We also have an Activities channel. You’ll find things such as shopping, entertainment and even music here. Any time someone tweets things that fall into one of those categories from Seattle, they will show up in the appropriate activity channel.

There’s a News channel, which is broken down into local, tech news, and world news. This will pull in all types of news-related tweets, and keep them organized for you so you can find out what’s going on quickly. There’s also a drill-down of local Seattle-area neighborhoods. If your specific neighborhood is mentioned on Twitter, it’s going to show up here!

You’ll also find options to sort by sports, politics and jobs! If you’re looking for a job in the Seattle area – or wanting to hire someone – this is an excellent place to search!

My favorite part of this site is that you’ll see in-line replies to tweets. For instance, Brian Stetler tweeted, asking a question about using his DVR for a particular show. West Seattle Blog replied with an @ message to Brian, so it shows up directly underneath his. This makes it much easier to keep track of what’s going on.

Take some time to look around, and let me know what you think. Do you feel this is something that would be beneficial to your community?

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Bing Building Bling

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Imagine my surprise when I saw this splashed upon a building in the Seattle area. Thank goodness they went with “Bing” instead of sticking with “Windows Live Search” (or they would have needed a MUCH bigger building).

This was taken in Bellevue, WA looking at the Microsoft building. Neither the Google nor the Yahoo! buildings were decorated in any way. The Microsoft building, however, caught my attention and made me stop to look – and record!

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Google Seattle

I was invited to tour Google’s new Kirkland campus this morning (which, if you didn’t already know, is in the Seattle area).

Google Kirkland - Seattle Logo

It was interesting to see where some of our favorite Google tools are actively developed.

Google Kirkland - Chrome Domokun

That being said, I was most impressed with Google’s cafeteria. Specifically, the section naming conventions.

Google Kirkland - the FooBar

They’re serving up giggles and nibbles, yo!

Google Kirkland - OmNomNom

This company is all about the geek…

Google Kirkland - sudo cafe

…all the way down to a LEGO’ed logo.

Google Kirkland - LEGO Google Seattle Logo

How Do You Get Started in Social Media?

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It took me many hours to actually get this video recorded. It’s just not easy for me to do. I’ve been a part of social media since before social media was a title for something. I’ve been conversing online since 1992. That fact alone makes it difficult for me to attempt to tell you where you should start – never mind the fact that social media means different things to different people.

So what IS social media? For me, it boils down to a set of tools that facilitates conversation. Tools have gotten easier to use – they aren’t just for Geeks anymore! With the advent of sites like Facebook and Twitter, literally anyone and everyone can take part in social media. It’s everywhere!

The social media scene here in Seattle is quite vibrant. I’ve been fortunate to meet many of the movers and shakers due to attending things like tweetups. For me, the best ones are the ones where people show up with no hidden agendas… they simply just want to get together, share ideas and thoughts, and hang out. So we’re using the Internet to meet people in real life. We were doing that long ago – we just didn’t have the name social media for what we were doing!

With that comes a lot of people who really don’t know what they’re doing. Many people involve themselves in things like Twitter because they know it’s important – yet they don’t use it right. They just don’t get it, nor do they understand what they should be doing.

So Seattle is pretty active. What about your city? Do you have an active base of people in social media? How active are you in social media? Do you have a number of people who get together in real life after meeting online?

People ask me all the time how they can and should get started in social media. I could tell you that the people I met recently who just got involved in social media within the past six months are the people I look to for inspiration. They didn’t just join.. they get it. They started doing something, and utilizing the social media tools.

The key is to not talk only about what you’re up to – the key is to support what others are doing. Interaction will result, and people will start to support you, as well. Social media is very soilent. It’s all about people.

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